This past Monday I had, had all I could take of my mattress!  I was in horrific pain, could not get a full nights sleep, and was sure I had a disc that decided to rebel in my body!  I found out through talking to Renesha’s husband (he is a physical therapist) that I had a cranky mattress not disc!  Thank God!  I was not in the mood for doctors or painful injections!

I called Momma on Monday and asked her if she wanted to tag along for mattress shopping.  She did!  She drives up in Daddy’s truck and I literally CLIMB in  and off we go.  I had an idea of where I wanted to go due to the fact I had very thoroughly researched my product through my friends on Facebook!  They are all brilliant and know everything!  Who needs “Consumer Reports“??

We park at the first place they all told me was the best.  Mother and I walk in and a man approached to help us.   I was so glad we were the only ones there because it is just embarrassing to lie down on a bed in front of total strangers!  I tell him all I had been feeling and all I had been told and he takes me straight to “the one”!  It was comfy!  After all my ohhhs and ahhhhs, Momma decides she will lie down on it, too.  Suddenly you could hear a pin drop.  Oh, the experience was incredible!!  The salesman must have known we loved it because suddenly I hear him say, “Take a nap right there if you want.  Get a real feel for it!”  I wondered if he meant it!

I jump up and say, “Is this your top of the line mattress?”  Of course, there was one three thousand dollars more he just HAD to show me!  Mother and I tried it out, too!  Oh, it was heaven, too!  It lifted your head and your feet with a remote control, which is good for Momma because the open heart surgery scar still bothers her and she has to sleep propped up.  For me, it was a definite no because hubby (who can sleep standing up on a bus going ninety) tells me he can’t sleep in  a cooped up bed!  I think it was the price tag he couldn’t sleep with!

Long story short, Momma got her mattress and I got mine!  The salesman said for me to give it 30 days to break it in.  That my back did not get that way overnight and it would take 30 days to align again.  They delivered it and I jumped right on it.  Oh, pure heaven!!  Not one ounce of back pain have I had since we got it!  Who would know I could be pleased so easily??  

If you are in the market for a good mattress, you want the icomfort Revolutionary!  You would swear you were on a cloud!!   Sweet dreams, dear reader!


4 thoughts on “Sleeping on a Cloud!

      1. 3 hours? Wow, you’re going to feel great a week from now.

        My mom finished her radiation treatments yesterday, so that is a great thing. Unfortunately, she’s back in the hospital right now with swelling in her brain. Docs aren’t sure where it’s coming from since the MRI doesn’t show any tumor growth (huge praise!). She wasn’t able to walk or talk yesterday so my dad took her to the ER. Thanks for asking about her and for your prayers. I’m doing…well, I’m struggling to say the truth. Being so far away is tough for the kind of girl who is most comfortable in the middle of a crisis helping everyone. I’m struggling through some tough emotions, as to be expected. My mom has always been so strong and to hear that she’s not able to walk or talk is heart breaking to me. I’m glad she has my dad (together 50 years now), but I want her healthy again. God is good and will see all of us through. That is the only thing that’s certain. 🙂

        Enjoy that bed…I look forward to reading more of your posts. XO

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