erma bombeck

James 5:12

Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)

Truthful Speech

12 Now above all, my brothers, do not swear, either by heaven or by earth or with any other oath. Your “yes” must be “yes,” and your “no” must be “no,” so that you won’t fall under judgment.[a]

I find throughout the Bible, that Jesus nor those who served Him as disciples, apostles, etc. were ever tacky!  If you came to Jesus for a healing, that is what you got!  The blind didn’t walk away half seeing…they walked away with 20/20 vision!  The lepers walked away with no leprosy any place on their body!  The lame walked away without a limp!  Jesus never did anything halfway!

When Jesus died on the cross, He refused the vinegar and gall that was offered Him, not because it was bitter but because it acted as an anesthetic to relieve some of the pain as they nailed Him to the cross.  Why?  Because He wanted to feel the pain we feel!  He WANTED to bear our sorrows, sicknesses, and guilt to the fullest to understand what we go through!!  He did not want ANY shortcuts!  He was and is a Saviour of EXCELLENCE!

I cannot stand a half hearted attempt at anything!!  If I hire you to clean my house I don’t want to pay you the expense to find I have to go behind you and do what you should have done to begin with and what I told you I expected of you!!  I don’t want to find my furniture scarred due to carelessness and have to reclean my house myself because to my naked eye I see dust covering what you have been hired to dust!! 

I don’t want to have people tell me they will do something and then when the time comes and they have something else more appealing to them, they have no problem cancelling with me to do what they would rather do than what they said they would do!  This is a bad witness on our part if this is what we do and think nothing of it!  What does it say about you when you tell people you are a Christian and then you steal from your employer?  If your work hours are 9-5 and you work 9-3:30 you have stolen wages from your boss!  Did your boss tell you to do one thing but you decided to take an easier shortcut?  You have dishonored your workplace through disobedience!

What if you have been witnessing to that boss and your co-workers around you and they see you do things that are wrong, like complaining and dishonoring your agreement that is in your contract?  They will say, “They are not different from anyone else!  Why should they be listened to?”  You have sabotaged your own witness by not being a worker of excellence

What you do is watched!  Your actions MUST LINE UP WITH YOUR MOUTH!!  If you say you are going to do something, God expects you to do it!  You should be known as one of the most dependable people anyone has ever been known.   Our reputation as Christians should be so solid it is literally a reputation of a person who keeps their word and can be trusted, even when we are not being watched.  If our names are mentioned what should jump to mind is how dependable, honest, and true to our word we are! 

I had a boss one time that called me “old school” because when I served customers they were served as though they were back in a time when a hand shake was as binding as a written contract!  What a compliment my employer gave me! 

If you want to be blessed and have favor, then be obedient to God even when you feel it is an inconvenience.  This is the testing period!  I see so many who equate testing with things that are horrors!  God is not a child abuser!!  The “test” is are you going to put your actions where your mouth is when the rubber meets the road!

For the sake and reputation of all Christians everywhere, dear reader, pass the test!!


4 thoughts on “Call Me Old School

  1. Amen! Christians should be the best employees, bosses, students, teachers, etc of anyone! We are witnesses whether or not we want to be– the question is am I a GOOD one or BAD one? Great post, my friend!

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