what if...

I just watched the “Most Inspiring Moments of 2012” on the news.  I know we have to stay informed.  We can’t just stick our heads in the ground and say, “If I don’t know about it I won’t worry about it”!  I saw a cartoon one time of an ostrich who had his head in the sand and arrows sticking out of his rear end.  The cartoon said, “Even though you stick your head in the sand the devil will shoot you in the butt”!  Sorry y’all but that IS what it said.  The point is trouble will come and ignoring it is not going to fix it, therefore we can’t stick our heads in the sand and sing “Everything is Beautiful In Its Own Way”.

But, what if there was a daily inspirational section to every newspaper, every newscast, every form of media that went out in whatever form it may go forth.  What if unknown heroes were touted daily?  What if the unknown good deeds that only a few people see were suddenly broadcast for all to see?  What if great emphasis was suddenly put on the good of humanity instead just the greed and selfish ambitions and the heinous crimes that occur daily, even by the seconds?  Would our world change to some degree?  Would our attitudes  be influenced little by little?  Would our desires to look inward suddenly change to being more aware of what is outward?

When I was a teacher I had a principal that came up with the idea of being “caught being good”.  Our disciplinary problems went from frequent “visitors” to the principal’s office to practically none at all!  That is a true story!  When the Texas Highway Patrolman pulls you over to give you a “citation” for being a great driver and you are put on the news does that make you want to break traffic laws or make you appreciate them more?  When you are in the Starbucks line and someone “pays it forward” and then the next customer and on and on the customers continue to “pay it forward”!  When your insurance company cuts your rates for being a “safe driver’ as the “Allstate” commercial says, does that make you want to break your good record or keep it pristine?  We all know the answer!  It feels good to do what is right!  And, not that it is an ego thing, but it makes you feel good that someone notices and appreciates it!

What if….I would love to know the results of such a thing!


4 thoughts on “What If…..

  1. I agree with you that doing what is right and getting noticed and appreciated for it feels good. But I like that you made a point to say it shouldn’t be an ego thing. We shouldn’t do things for others to get noticed or appreciated, or to get a favor in return. Instead, we should do things for others because they are worth it and because Jesus loves them and died for them 🙂

  2. Amen Juliana!!! God knew what He was doing when He made His 1st commandment about love! I’ve heard so many Christians say (in various words) that loving ‘sinners’ would make them think that it is ok to sin…..well, bologna! You said it best! It makes them hope, for one thing, which then makes their heart open….as being caught in sin and dispair closes the heart and makes a person want to either sin more or just give up. God knows what He is doing. Prov. 30: 7-9

    Thank you!!! Juliana

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