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Tonight this blog came about by talking to my husband about a certain “weakness” that really does need strengthening in me.  I have the tendency for people who are Christians and have been for years who still shun the truth of God‘s Word to get me really miffed.  This does more than gets under my skin a little bit.  Well, to make a long story short, I, yes the “gracious” me as you all know me, stirred up a bit of controversy because I did tell the truth about something but I did it a bit harshly.  I tried telling it gently for a long period of time, but for what reason, I am not sure why,  I finally let it fly at a person who just would not “let go and let God”.  As I talked to my husband about how unfair this situation was to me he gave me a really great pep talk that I needed and I am sure will need again!  But, I am determined to learn and I will!  This is what he told me.

Whenever Paul was experiencing his issues of being buffeted by satan, God said, “My grace is sufficient for you.”  In Paul’s weakness he was made strong by God’s grace.  In other words, grace is much more than just our children’s church definition of “unmerited favor“.  It is also undeserved blessing, free gifts.   The Greek for grace comes from the words joy and rejoicing.  In other words,  we have reason or “cause to rejoice” because God’s grace is all-sufficient for every area of our life.  Paul told Timothy to be strengthened by the grace of God in the midst of his trials and tests.   In 2 Corinthians Paul tells the Corinthian church that God’s grace causes us to have all-sufficiency in all things.  That all- sufficiency  in all things encompasses ALL THINGS, more than just in giving.  Like in Paul’s situation and in Timothy’s situation, as well as our situations.   In other words, God’s all-encompassing grace that provided all sufficiency in all things causes us that are mature in Christ TO REJOICE in whatever situation we face! 

I have to remember that the thing that buffets me, or is a thorn in my flesh are people who should know better than to beg God and plead with Him to answer their prayers and I need to realize they are always going to exist.  In my contact with them, I cannot take on their unwillingness to use their authority in the name of Jesus, and the Word of God.  I have to be responsible, however, to love them and pray that one day the truth of God’s Word will become Spirit and life to them. I must be patient and until it becomes a true revelation!! 

Blessings, dear reader!  I will see you soon!


7 thoughts on “What is God’s Grace Exactly?

  1. Beautiful! Love the picture and the article! I have missed you! God bless you! I am almost finished editing my book…. thanks be to God! Also, have you seen my new ‘news’ website? http://vineoflife.net Check it out when u have the time. And you need to see a video that will move you like never before! It is absolutely beautiful! I don’t know how your connection is, but after you hit play, hit the little spur-like icon that comes up at the bottom of the youtube screen, (it says “change quality” once you hover your mouse over it), and select 720 p. IF it stops a lot, reduce it by one…but you’ve got to see this video! I don’t know if you would have time, but would you like to take a look at the site and see if there’s an area you’d consider making daily, several times a week, weekly posts to? I would have to send you an author request. We don’t yet have many followers because it is brand new..I just made it not even quite a week ago. But I am having up to 500 hits a day. Let me know. God bless you! Here’s the link to the video. http://vineoflife.net/2012/12/03/cry-no-more-jerusalem-english/ also, please let me know if the menu across the top is one long menu list, or if it is in a row and half. I just bought a 32 inch LED hi def television to use as my monitor and an awesome hi def surround system with subwoofer for my laptop…so I’m really enjoying this! LOL Sersiously though, on a standard monitor, I have to make sure it’s not in two rows or a row and a half..it should be one long row. God bless u!

    1. How exciting!!! No, I didn’t know about it! Yes, definitely send an author request…I am very interested and thank you for thinking of me!! You are always such a good mentor!!! 🙂

    1. Glory to God and thank you!! I was, too as my husband had to have that little talk with me! We are getting there, praise God!! God corrects those whom He loves, so WE are loved! Blessings!!! Juliana

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