Tonight at 8:30 p.m. my son was almost hit and would have been critically wounded by a drunk driver.  The police are still looking for him 3 hours later.

I am so grateful for the Holy Spirit.  I am not a night owl the way I used to be.  For the past two nights I have been unable to sleep, which is very unusual for me.  Last night as I lay in bed the Holy Spirit prompted me to pray.  I had no idea what it was about, but knew there was an urgency and I prayed in the Spirit for some time.  I then got up and walked the floors of my home praying in tongues.

Every day my mother and I both plead the blood of Jesus over every member of our family.  I always quote Psalm 91 that tells us “no evil shall befall you, neither shall any plague come nigh your dwelling….”  I also post warring protective angels to surround my loved ones.  Again, tonight I was just unable to sleep.  My son is used to me going to bed at a certain time and by the time the drunk driver was reported and the police had all the information they needed he thought I would be asleep.  I got up again and decided to  look at my Facebook.  That is when I saw the news of it.  When I called him he told me he didn’t know how the driver missed him other than the fact God had His hand of protection on him!  Glory to God!

It pays to be sensitive to God!  It pays to obey Him when He speaks and without delaying it!  It pays to plead the blood of Jesus over ourselves and our  loved ones and to post those angels to be round about them.   Many years ago we were in church and my pastor prayed for me.  He started to walk away and stopped and turned back to me.  He said, “God says daily you ask for angels to surround your loved ones for protection and because you ask He does!”  I had never told my pastor I prayed this prayer.  My son is now 25 and I have been doing this almost all of his life! In fact that word came from my pastor about ten years ago.   What if I had not prayed that prayer?  What if I had not been well taught and did not know what the Word of God promised me?  Tonight, I may not be up typing a praise, but instead doing something I cannot bear to think of.

Praise Him for His mighty works, praise Him for His mighty acts the Bible tells us….and I do!!!


21 thoughts on “Thank God for His Protection!

  1. Praise God! Our son was also involved in an accident and the state trooper who saw it happened feared that no one survived, but they both did – not a scratch, so yes God is indeed powerful and merciful. His tire exploded (factory defect) and the car went down an embankment. Through a few more circumstances God continued to work through our son, and still is, but he returned to God and is growing into the person God created him to be. These stories fill my heart with encouragement and hope for our children. {hugs} Patty

    1. Praise God, Patty!! I am so glad he is okay, and even more so he is with God in the place he should be with him!! God is faithful and understands a mother’s love. I think it is the closest thing we will see as an example of God’s love for us is the love a good mother has for her child!! Blessings to you! Juliana

  2. Thank God. My son and his co worker also was miraculously spared in an accident last Friday night. Another man was killed. I pray that prayer too and plead the blood of Jesus over my loved ones. You know Julianna my son lives and works several hours away along with my neighbor across the street from us. As I was praying Monday morn and being thankful I looked across the street and saw my neighbors truck home. He took a week off. The Lord spoke to me and said yeah the prayer of protection you prayed and my blood you plead over your house and family is so powerful and strong it covered your neighbor to. Awesome!! My son is away from The Lord, he knew God protected him. Agree with me this will turn him back to God. Thankful for you sons protection!!!

    Blessed to be a blessing, Renee Gallaspy

    1. It IS that powerful!! I do agree with you. I have been in those shoes before and all I can say is God is faithful!! Watch your door because one day your blessing (your son) will walk through it a new man. The Bible says He will bring our children back from the enemies territory to our borders (the way we raised them to be in God!). I stood on that and saw it with my eyes happen in about a two year period! It also says He will bring them back with honor! He doesn’t just clean them up, but He gives them great purpose and their former shame is forgotten! Glory to God!! I fully believe and agree with you, Renee! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Mr. Rmadurai! Yes, praise God is right!!! I am praising Him with you! We were all a little shaken up but so very grateful! I appreciate the Holy Spirit so much! I have a feeling I will be getting back on that prayer series rather quickly now! Blessings to you!!! Juliana

      1. I am so glad that your son is well and not injured. I am an agnostic, and if there is a God, He heard your prayers. Good ! Keep up the prayers and I hope that you and your family are always safe.

      2. Thank you so much, Mr. Holgerson! Yes, He did answer them and I am so grateful to Him for that! God is so good! Thank you for stopping by! And, thank you for your encouraging words!! I hope you will drop by again! Juliana

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