People call others they don’t understand a number of names.   I have heard it said if you are poor you are  called “crazy”.  If you are rich it is called “eccentric”.  If you are a sports fan it is called “fanatical”.  If you are a Christian it is called “obsessed”.  The fact of the matter is, each one of these terms describes a passion for something and no matter what you are you ARE passionate about something.

It is what drives you to be who you are in life and DO what you were born to do!  Passionate people cannot stop thinking about what they have such great passion for.   It is what they live for!  It is what they do!  They would rather do it than breath!!  They don’t care what the costs are they will gladly pay them!!

I have been this way all of my life.  Very few I went to high school with really “got me”.  Auntie Em from got me!  We went to high school and graduated together.   One of the highest compliments I have ever received  was from Auntie Em when we were in college together.  She had watched Gloria Copeland one morning and as she did she thought, “I can see Juliana doing that one day”.  She had no idea I had a ministry call on my life.  I had never told her.  Well, over thirty years later here we both sit!  Both of us ministering in different ways yet, ironically,  in the same way.   You see people like Christian bloggers don’t live life on their own terms!  The live their life on God‘s terms!

Just like Michael Jordan who practiced basketball for hours a day, even into the night, to the Olympians, who once inspired by a sport that caught their eye, they dreamed of it, worked for it, trained for it, gave up every day life for it and  so do Christians called to the greatest purpose life has to offer!!  To offer Jesus, for surely He does come quickly!!

For Auntie Em, it is to save marriages and build stronger families.  For me it to save people through Jesus and to build strong, mature Christians.  Whatever it is,  your calling far exceeds even what you realize!  Those small things you do don’t go unnoticed by God or man.  You may think no one is watching but more are than you realize!!  They watch to see if you practice what you preach, they watch to see if it is a reality and your life is the illustration of what you are saying!  They watch to see if it is really real.  They watch to see if it is something they can believe in.

We as writers, ministers, missionaries, pastors, Sunday School teachers, or whatever position we hold we MUST live our  lives on God’s terms.  It is the seal of quality for people we have reached out to for the sake of the calling that is upon our lives!  You are no longer your own but bought with a price!  That price was a high price.  Never act in a cheap way!  You are of great value!  The “price tag” on you had to be paid by a King Who was required to seal it with His own blood!  Remember that the next time you are tempted to act or talk in a common manner.  There is NOTHING common about you!  According to 1 Peter 2:9 “But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people
belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.”  Stand up and BE who you are!  Only then will you fulfill your destiny and only then shall you be satisfied!

You want to be like everyone else, status quo, the norm?  My question to you is WHY??  You were made to stand out for a purpose and no matter how you try to hide that calling will always shine through!  LET IT SHINE, precious reader, LET IT SHINE!!


4 thoughts on “Living on God’s Terms

  1. Well, there you go….hittin’ that nail on the head again! ((smile)) Juliana…can I share this post with others? Love it!! It is encouraging to me, as I go to sleep thinkin’ about sharing the Lord with others and wake up thinkin’ about it….and hoping that people will hear and leave their comments someday on my blog too. Bless you!!!

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