There is a song we sang at church that says, “I surrender all….I surrender all…all to thee my precious Saviour, I surrender all”!  We then would go on to hear the story of when Abraham laid Isaac on the altar of sacrifice and how he was willing to give up his own son for God.  We then would pray and truly surrender all to Jesus.  This means we meant we would put nothing ahead of Him!

As this came to me today, I began to think, “Has God ever asked me to give up everything as He did the rich young ruler and follow Him?  Have I ever lost everything I own and people I treasure?”  You see, dear reader, it is the mindset of being WILLING to surrender all if asked, but even in that I have not been asked to part with anything.  Many have given their lives, their homes, their friends, and so much more to do what Jesus has called them to do.   What is our true treasure?

Today, as this song whirled around and around in my mind I said again, “Father, truly I do surrender all!  Where you lead, I will follow, where you say go, I will go!”  I do mean that with all of my heart, but then I thought of my parents, my home, my church, my comfort zone.  I thought if I mean it, I will be able to do it!  BUT, I need to be sure I mean it and if I don’t it is time to have a deep encounter with myself!

Many missionaries, Christians on foreign lands have done this very thing and felt honored to do so!  There is a verse that says in Matthew 19:29

“And everyone who has given up houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother
or children or property, for my sake, will receive a hundred times as much in
return and will inherit eternal life.”

God does not always require this, but He is promising recompense in this life and in the life which is to come IF we willingly surrender ALL, not just portions we can do without!

God never intended for Isaac to be the sacrifice, but He wanted to know if He was still Abraham’s first love, His WILLING servant, even unto death!  That is a good question for me today.  Have I really kept ALL surrendered to my first love, Jesus?  Have I kept myself in a place of appreciation of all that my Lord and Saviour, Jesus has done for me?  If not, what needs to be set aside?  The sooner priorities are set properly back in place the sooner I can effect this world by the hand of God FOR God and never for myself!!

Only what I do for God will last, all other things will forever pass!  You see, my precious reader, it will all be gone one day anyway!  Only what you do for God will reach into eternity.  Let it go now, so that you may inherit what is forever lasting and forever rewarding.  No more quick fixes!  You have too much to gain or much to lose according to your choice!  I pray you choose wisely, and that I do the same!!

Blessings to you, precious reader!!  May God protect and keep you this day and forevermore.  May your life be full of joy and contentment in Him!!  I will see you soon!!


6 thoughts on “I Say I Surrender All, But Has God Ever Asked Me To?

  1. Amen Juliana!!! I surrender all…but I think that what some Christians have a hard time with…I know I do…is that daily surrender. Surrendering – Convenience, that I will only do most things if it is convenient. Or Rights – I will only do something if I don’t think it violates my rights. Or – My Attitudes – my anger and impatience. Sometimes I think these are the sacred cows…those things inside of us. I was thinking about Ab and Issac too lately, and it hit me that it is a metaphor for us…well, like many things are in the OT…that Issac was Ab’s heart. And it speaks to us to lay down our hearts to God and surrender it to Him…as He is trustworthy and faithful.

    Bless you!!

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