Dear friends…I am unable to get the blogs I follow by email.  I have no idea why!  Please, do not think for one second I don’t want to read your posts!  I DO!!!  I go into reader once a week, but I have friends from blogger, too.  If anyone has a solution for this, I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE THE HELP!!!!  THANK YOU!!  ~Juliana


11 thoughts on “I Am Not Receiving Blog Posts by Email! :(

  1. Go to your reader in the drop down box on the left under the W, select edit, when it comes up select email for the posts you subscribe to. God bless you. WordPress had some glitches yesterday, possibly hacked. A number of post by different blogs went out with messages trying to get people to do work at home, but when you checked the post, it was not there. Advise changing your password as well and would recommend that all readers do so. Changed my yesterday when I noticed the pattern of posts going out.

  2. Do you want to email me your username and pwd again and I can look at your email settings once more? It might have something to do with your email service. Have you checked your email spam settings and folder? Can you do me a favor? It will only take you a few minutes. Go to and get yourself an email acct real quick and then give me your username and pwd, along with your new email address and I will set it up on your wordpress. Then you need to tell me if you are getting your notifications. Can you do this for me? Go ahead and send me the username/pwd again, as I don’t have it anymore…and while I’m looking at your settings, set up an account in outlook…then when you’re done, give me your outlook email, as Ijust said, and I’ll set it up in your wordpress. Just reiterating because it might sound confusing!

  3. I don’t know why this is happening to you again. I have one person no matter how many times I subscribe to their posts, I can’t get their emails… Len. You know her because she comes here. It frustrates the stuff out of me!

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