Life lately has not been as I planned during this holiday.  Seldom does life work out according to my plans and, therefore, I have decided it would be silly to continue to try.   Oh, it isn’t that I won’t get up everyday and go through my morning and daily routine, or make plans to have a shopping date with a friend, but to plan my life out, my children’s lives, so on and so forth is now by the wayside and gaining distance daily!

As I thought about this the Lord  asked me a question.  He asked, “Has anything you ever planned worked out the way you planned it?”  Of course, we both knew the answer, but I knew He was getting me to think.  “No Sir”, I replied.  “Hasn’t it always turned out better than you thought?” “Yes Sir, it has.”  “Then why plan and get upset when it goes astray?”  How simple, yet profound!

Today I was asked to teach Sunday School.  I am ashamed to admit I didn’t look forward to it.  I had not taught in some time and I am too old to be chasing children…or so I thought.  This time all went pretty well.  I had two students, who were the age Bro. Arthur said they were this time.  I enjoyed them greatly!

Church began and what happened with Baby Travis was spoken about.  Then God moved mightily in our service.  I went to the altar just because I wanted to have a time of worship…I needed a time of worship!  As I knelt God spoke to me to go to my cousin Teresa and have her pray for me.  I have written about Teresa before.  She is funny, fun, and is very Godly!  I went to her and asked her to pray for me.  As she began to pray, she began to pray in the Spirit.  Then she interpreted what the Lord wanted me to know.  He was so sweet.  He called me a mighty woman and said when He had needed me I was ready and I went.  He said I did everything His Word said to do toward Travis, but in His sovereignty He had made the final decision to take Travis to be with Him.  That all was okay and I needed to know I did everything He wanted me to do.

I think deep down inside, I blamed myself somewhat.  What if I had not prayed the right scriptures?  What if I had given up too soon?  What if, what if, what if??  God was letting me know it was NO ONES fault…HE had decided what should be done and did it.  Does my mind really comprehend all of this?  No!  But that is okay because I know God knows best and I can trust Him with what I have no understanding of.  If I had the all the answers, it wouldn’t be called trust!

I am so glad I don’t have to keep the world together.  That I can relax knowing that I have a loving heavenly Father that never sleeps and is perfect in all of His ways.  A Father who watches over me and all things that concern me.  That I can rest and relax and know the best will always be done concerning me and my loved ones and it doesn’t depend on my so-called “perfection” or “imperfections”.  That I don’t have to plan it all out and make it all happen!   That I can sleep as a child would with a loving, watchful father by their side because every night of my life that is exactly what I have!

It is the same for you, precious reader!  If you are His child you are covered in all of your ways.  Cast the heaviness of your cares on Him because He cares greatly and watchfully for you!!  Blessings in abundance!  I will see you soon!!


6 thoughts on “Life is Seldom as We Plan

  1. Juliana, thank you for being so real with us. It helps me feel better to hear your process with baby Travis. I struggle with whether or not my faith, prayers, or lack there of, will affect whether or not God will heal my mom’s brain cancer. Your words helped me find the freedom I was lacking. Thank you and God bless you, you mighty woman!

    1. Thank you so much for your understanding! God made us with these emotions….they can just never trump the word in our minds! How is your dear mom? How are you? You are always in my thoughts and prayers!!

      1. The coptic pope was just enthroned..and he’s pro islam and christian uniting! He could be the false prophet or antichrist. Then, the ark of the covenant was recently have to see the post on’s in my sidebar…you have to watch the video.and the post about the coptic pope!

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