Today my heart is heavy.  My precious friend from church that I love dearly had her baby yesterday and he was stillborn.  The doctors had told them he had some very serious issues with his development and the likelihood of him surviving was slim to none.  This is a picture of what she did her baby’s nursery in.

Believers believe!  That is what we do!  That is why we are called believers!  We all believed, prayed, and waited for our miracle baby.  Although he did not make it, there were things they had said that were wrong that, when born, they were not!

As my husband and I drove home from Texas Children’s Hospital at two o’clock this morning I had mixed emotions.  I saw one of the most loving, filled with the Spirit, serving God with all of their might family go through a nightmare.  At that moment my hatred of satan deepened even more and I told him so.  It will be a joy and privilege to see him burn in hell!!  Then I would feel deep peace I knew only God could give me!  As my mind raced I asked God how could I possibly feel peace at a time like this??  His answer to me made me cry and contemplate.  He said, “Daughter, Travis will never know grief, hurt feelings, rejection, prejudice, shunning, the horrors that go on in this fallen world.  All he will ever know is love, peace and joy because he is with Me!  That is how I could tell you Sunday all is well!”  Never have I thought of it like that.  And, yes, it gave me a reason for peace!

I think of Travis’ mother, father, and siblings.  Travis’ mother is a strong woman!  She was comforting us!  I thought of how tears quickly turned to praise and how Travis’ father told us all he could think of was Job and he would never do anything but love God!!  No wonder they are leaders in our church!!

I look at the news because I have to to get into my computer.  It says what starlet is wearing what color, brand name and the kind of car she drove up in and how many body guards she had…who in the world cares??  Shame on people for thinking of material things over the purposes of God  and that is to love people and help them in their times of need!  Is this world so foolish and blind???

God help this nation!  God help this people who are rebellious and stiff-necked to the things of the Gospel.  God help me to make a difference in someone’s life for You, my precious Father!

Please, pray for my friend and her family, dear reader.  May God’s richest blessings be upon you, and may you fulfill the call God has upon your life in making a difference for Him! May that be your main focus every single day of your life!


20 thoughts on “A Tribute to Baby Travis

  1. I don’t know how I missed this one, but oh how I appreciate you for sharing your heart and love for this family. At the end of October my friend from church lost her baby boy, Quinn Keoni, at birth. She gave him the name Keoni because it means God is gracious, and in spite of most babies diagnosed with his genetic complication miscarrying, she was able to spend 37 weeks and 30 special minutes post-birth with him. In spite of this fallen world and the wretched and despicable Enemy at its helm, I rejoice in God’s faithfulfulness and His unchanging ways. I will be praying for the family, and peace certainly comes from knowing that Travis and Quinn are in good company.

    Love you my friend,


  2. That is so sad. I give thanks all of the time and never take for granted that I had four healthy children. My third child was in fetal distress because the cord was triple wrapped around his throat. I decided to have induced labor just because I was so hot and uncomfortable (if he didn’t come on time). I almost decided against it and was going to wait..I’m glad I did not wait or he wouldn’t be here today. Had i not scheduled induction the night I did (not knowing anything was wrong) he would have died. They knew he was in distress, but they were short staffed so they just kept an eye on things. When he came out, he was dark purple and went completely limp. They had to recucitate him and then he was okay. Why some are blessed and others suffer, I do not know. It reminds me of this song…

  3. Oh, my heart hurts for those parents and for you as their dear friends. there is nothing I can say to make you feel any better just that God is Good and Satan will butrn in Hell as you said. The grief suffered at such a loss is always heart wrenching and takes a while to come to grips with but he is with Jesus now. God Bless

  4. I am so sorry for you and your dear friends. What a testimony that they will trust God through this valley. Having suffered years of infertility before having our children ( and miscarriage), gives me a small glimpse of their pain. Bless them for trusting. This has got to be one of the hardest trials to go through. May they sense his love and comfort as He is glorified in their lives. I will say a prayer for them… Gentle hugs to you and your friends.
    Blessings ~ Wendy

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