This week has been an exhausting one for me.  It has been trying physically and emotionally.  I am one of THOSE mothers.  My children are 25 and 22 years old, but it could just as well be MONTHS old!  They are my babies no matter what age they are and nothing is going to change that!  The Rev. is doing  very well…PRAISE GOD!  Nurse Sunshine got sick this week.

She was so sick, when I took her to the doctor they swabbed her throat for strep (which she hates with a passion)  she does not even remember they did it.  I have never seen her that sick in her life!  As we sat in the doctor’s office waiting for them to call her back, I did what every Christian mother does.  I began to pray!  I didn’t pray a silent prayer either!  I was praying the word, quoting every healing scripture I knew and praying in the Spirit!  I didn’t care who heard or who cared!  This was my baby and she needed help!

As I prayed and finally took a breath, I heard another voice quoting scriptures and thanking Jesus for what He did on the cross for MY DAUGHTER!  I looked to see where that voice was coming from.  Across the waiting room from me was a beautiful older and very elegant black lady.  She was praying just like me!  I wondered what church she went to and was so grateful she was praying for us.  I had never seen her in my life!  Suddenly, she got up and walked over to me.  As she sat down she said with the sweetest smile, “I heard you praying for your daughter and I began to pray, too.  I am Catholic and I would like to give you this.”  She handed me a bottle with something clear in it.  She said it was “Holy water” and told me how to use it.  At first I thought, “Lord, I don’t know.  I have never heard of this.”  The Lord then spoke to me, “She is a born again Christian.  Just as you would anoint Sunshine with oil for healing, this water has been prayed over by the prayer of faith.  It is like the oil you use.”  I rejoiced in my heart!  This lady was so precious!!’  To care enough to offer this to me and to BOLDLY pray in a waiting room for a total stranger!  I put it all over Sunshine and began to praise again!!  We exchanged names and I met a Godly woman I will one day live in Heaven with!  I met a sister in Christ!!

Had we been in another country, we could not have prayed that way in public.  I thought as I sit down in restaurants I don’t have to wonder if someone is going to arrest me for saying the blessing over my food.  I can boldly proclaim the Word of God in a doctor’s office, in an elevator, in a restaurant, anywhere I am!!  I am so thankful for that!!  Are we a Christian nation?  YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT!  I thank God we have these freedoms.  I also thank God I met this dear saint!  Sunshine is doing much better!  The prayer of agreement between two CHRISTIANS made much power available!!

Dear reader, don’t get caught up in religion!  Get caught up in the love of God!! Stop being divided by doctrine and color!  If you believe Jesus is  the only way to Heaven you are “spot on”!  Keep Jesus the focal point of life!    You never know how God will use that or when!

Blessings to you, precious reader!  I will see you next time!


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