Luke 24:53 “And they were continually in the temple complex praising God.

People are interesting.  I love to sit and watch them.  Not a negative observation, but just to see who they are and how they react.  You can tell a happy person from a grumpy person, a joker from a serious and stoic person just by watching their reactions.  No matter what your personality, you probably do everything the same way every single morning of your life.  It is your routine and your routine has become a habit

Most of us drag out of bed, and the morning routine begins in the same order it does everyday!  If you have ever heard of the mighty minister Smith Wigglesworth and ever  read his story, you will see he did not ever drag out of bed!  He jumped out of bed and the minute his feet hit the floor he would shout, “Praise the Lord“!  He would do this every single morning.  He made a habit of praising God every single morning!

Why do we find that odd?  We don’t think eating breakfast, brushing our teeth, doing our hair, reading the paper to be odd.  Why do we feel odd doing what we were made to do, which is praise God?  In Psalm 149 it says as follows:

1 Hallelujah!
Sing to the Lord a new song,
His praise in the assembly of the godly.
2 Let Israel celebrate its Maker;
let the children of Zion rejoice in their King.
3 Let them praise His name with dancing
and make music to Him with tambourine and lyre.
4 For Yahweh takes pleasure in His people;
He adorns the humble with salvation.
5 Let the godly celebrate in triumphal glory;
let them shout for joy on their beds.

Where do they shout for joy?  On their beds!!  We should get up in the morning praising God and go to bed praising God!  He tells us how to start our day and how to end it! 

Psalm 150 says:

Let everything that breathes praise the Lord.

Let praise become as much of a habit as everything else you do without thinking!  When you do you will be infused with joy because you enter His gates through praise.  In other words, you enter the very presence of God by praise and when you are with Him there is FULLNESS OF JOY!  Joy is something our world desperately needs today!  People will at first be shocked by the praises that come off your lips.  You may even be surprised because a habit comes naturally after a while and you do it without thinking.  But those who come in contact with you  will want that infusion of joy, too!  It will open many doors to share all the great things God has done for you!

Make praise a habit!  Watch things do an about-face.  We all have a choice.  I can be just as filled with faith as I can doubt…the choice is mine, and I choose joy!  Blessings, dear reader!!  I will see you soon!


2 thoughts on “Developing a Habit of Praise and Worship

  1. I’ve always marveled at how people thinks it’s okay to jump up and down at a concert or ballgame, and yet they give weird looks to charismatic worshipers when they get passionate about a holy God. I am not one of those demonstrative Christians; however, I am blessed when I am in the presence of those who are. In my heart my feet are off the floor during worship time! I blame my reserved nature on my 50% British blood! 😉
    Blessings ~ Wendy

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