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Lyn Leahz

NOTE:  The original post of this is here: However, because I had reblogged it sometime ago, back on 9/11, it wouldn’t let me reblog.  And for those of you who have seen this before, you haven’t lost your mind..I did post this back on 9/11! 😉

As you read some of these profound statements, please consider the many tragedies going on around the world, and here in America. The only difference now is that America has greatly changed just in the last 20+ years, and more than ever before since 9-11. Could it indeed be as these great leaders warned?

Also, please take note of the importance of the family; both father and mother. Today, with the working family and daycare overflowing with so many children, they cannot fulfill many requests, and increased stress, have we as parents forgotten our first calling assigned to us by God Himself—to…

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3 thoughts on “Notable Sayings About the Bible By Great Leaders. What Has Happened?

  1. Oh my goodness! I love this post! This is one of the best posts I think I have ever read! WOW! LOL!!!!! I’m just kidding! being goofy…again….. Thanks for the reblog dear sister! Love you!

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