Prayer is more than a one way conversation as we see in Acts 13:2.  “…the Holy Ghost SAID…”  Acts 13:2.  This is the prayer of worship!  God made us so He would have someone to fellowship with.  He wants a relationship with you above all things!!  Just as we desire to have relationship with our families, God desires the same thing with His children!

This is the prayer of worship that brings about fellowship with God!  This is when you get to know Him as Father, not just Lord!  Yes, He wants to know and meet your needs, but as Rev. Hagin says, “I heard about a little boy who said, ‘Lord, this is Jimmie, and I’ll take all you gimme!’.  When it comes to prayer that is about all some people know!  According to Rev. Hagin, Sr. “If that is all we are doing, just asking God, “Give me…,” we need to examine our hearts and begin to take time, both corporately and in our individual prayer lives, to wait upon God and to minister to the Lord,”

When we minister to the Lord we are not asking for anything!  We are praising Him for Who He is, not what we are wanting Him to do for us!  Ministering to the Lord is not only done in our individual prayer time, but should be done in the church.  Notice, in Acts 13 it says, “THEY ministered to the Lord…”  There was more than one person in that service!

I have heard Bro. Hagin say he felt sure God would speak more to people as He did to Paul and Silas in Acts, if Christians would just take more time to “minister to the Lord”!  I was praying one day and asked the Lord about this.  Why don’t we see the shadow of mighty Christians fall on people and see them instantly healed, raised from the dead and various other miracles as they had then.  God replied to me, “Because Paul and Silas didn’t stay in front of a computer on the internet, vegetating in front of a television, or spending hours on the phone!”  If we would just cut out a couple of hours of doing these things to take time to minister to the Lord, I know we would see amazing things!!

Years ago, Bro. Hagin told of a story of a Full Gospel church.  They had a young minister to come and hold a revival.  If I remember correctly, this young man was only about 14 years old, but was very mature in the Lord.  The pastor of this church was away and this is why they had asked this young evangelist to come.  The pastor’s wife got a phone call in the middle of the night.  A baby in the church was having convulsions and they would not stop!  She woke the young evangelist, called several people in the church and they met at the couple’s home that had called.  As they prayed for the baby, they began to rebuke the devil, anoint the baby with oil (and these are things they should have done) and prayed at the top of their voices for 30-40 minutes.  The baby continued to have convulsions.  Suddenly, the young evangelist grew quiet.  When he did so did the rest of the people who were there.  Within minutes the pastor’s wife began to praise God.  She began to say, “Glory to God, praise the Lord, thank you Jesus, hallelujah, glory to God!!”  Soon the rest of the people began to praise as well.  Immediately, the baby STOPPED CONVULSING!!  They began to talk quietly and the baby began to convulse again!  Again, they began to praise and the baby stopped convulsing and went to sleep totally healed!!  What happened?  They did everything the Bible tells us to do when praying for the sick, BUT they didn’t remember to MINISTER TO THE LORD!  When they did, a miracle was wrought!  As you and I minister to the Lord (which is praising Him)  the Holy Spirit will manifest Himself!  Ministering to the Lord will always bring VICTORY!!

Blessings to you, my dear reader!!  Tomorrow,  I will be writing on “Ministering to the Lord Brings Deliverance!”  I will see you then!

*Reference Kenneth E. Hagin:  Bible Prayer Study Course


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