God has blessed us everyday!  Let us bless Him by coming into His presence with others at church!  Have a wonderful Sunday!!


24 thoughts on “God I Need You!

    1. I didn’t know you were on the east coast! I am praying Psalm 91 over you! Let me know how you are! I hope you are able to evacuate, but if not, angels surround you and your family keeping you!! Blessings to you!!! Juliana

      1. PLEASE check out my art please!!! I didn’t get views this time?? SOOOOO I have to solicit! I want feeeeedback UGH… I KNOW I am neeeedy! @: )))))))
        I am very excited trying to get something started… also I have a facebook page I just put up at http://www.facebook.com/rejoycin if you can : o (I know- needy!)

      2. Thanks!!! I saw you already visited!! I have to get the stuff at Rejoycin website– A lot to do–but time, laid off– New direction!!! WordPress is new to me. I need this to work for me! One other question, in following me– as you do– is an email sent to you? New to WordPress and I don’t know if it works as I get others info.

      3. I don’t get an email on any that I follow and this is very frustrating to me! I have clicked every follow button I can find on the ones I follow and an email is never sent. I can’t figure that one out!

      4. My last post also has an illustration. PS– not trying to sell to you really– just want to get feedback outside of my immediate family-fan club !!

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