In Galatians 1:1 Paul writes “Who has bewitched you, you foolish Galatians from believing the simplicity of the Gospel….”  What had happened was there were some that were preaching they received the message of the Gospel through simple believing faith.  Others were teaching they believed unto salvation, but also had to adhere to laws to be saved as well!

When we deviate from the simplicity of the Word of God and begin to put MANMADE rules and regulations with it, we are in trouble.  God saves, heals, and blesses by HIS Word and the keeping of it, not what people think  makes us holy unto God and sanctified!

In Texas, Mexican food is a very yummy thing!  You tell me we are going to a Mexican restaurant and I can get ready in under one minute!!  I LOVE Mexican food and Texas has the BEST hands down!  Today I saw a show where there was a Guacamole dip contest.  The judge was interviewing different contestants before the judging began.  She came to one lady and her words caught my attention.  She said, “It is not pineapple, cumin, etc. that makes guacamole.  That takes away from what guacamole really is.  It is the simplicity of the guacamole that makes it so delicious!”  Guess who won the contest?  You got it!  The woman who used only 3 ingredients.  The others had given their recipes so many twist (chilis, pineapple, cumin, etc.) they had actually ruined the dip!  The lady who used Haas avocados, salt, and sweet onion won hands down!  Three simple ingredients with huge dividends;  a blue ribbon and a hefty check!!!

That is how many preachers are today.  They find a mere man, admire his teaching, take his/her book and quote it more than they do the Bible!  What is sad is the book doesn’t even have any Biblical basis in it!  I heard  a minister say one time when another minister applied to work for him, he always made a surprise visit to his home.  The first thing he would say to the minister would be, “Let me see your underwear drawer.”  The poor young minister would lead him to the bedroom and show him the drawer.  If his underwear drawer was not in pristine condition, folded to perfection, and in a specific order he would not give him the job.  He would say, “Your disorganization of your dresser shows the disorganization of your relationship with God and your ministry.  There is no room for you on my team!”  Now, my dear reader, this is a TRUE story I heard with my own ears!  I call it bologna!!  If that was what brought the anointing upon a minister, you could go and find any number of perfectionists, called or not,  put them in the pulpit and have a fantastic ministry team!  What HOGWASH!  This is what Paul was talking about when he spoke of legalism being mixed with “faith”!

God never intended for the Word, the ministry, or your life in serving Him to be complicated!  That is man’s doing!  A young child can understand the Gospel!  The Holy Spirit is the BEST TEACHER!  He knows exactly how to take what people make so complicated and make it so easy.  Believe me, He isn’t going to start with your underwear drawer or any other dresser drawer!  He is going to start with your heart!!

Never, never, never take what people say, publish, or anything else take the place of God’s word!  If they can’t prove their methods through at least three scriptures (and I don’t mean partial scriptures taken out of context) you don’t have sound doctrine!  The Gospel is simple and we should keep it that way!  There are NO new revelations!  They may be new to you because you are young in the Lord and never heard them before, but God isn’t keeping secrets and only revealing them to certain ones so they can be admired, followed, and made rich from their “new revelation” book!  RUN, RUN, RUN with all your might when you run into people like this!

Keep it simple, full of joy, full of peace.  Stay with Aunt Doris’ formula….stay in the Word, stay on your knees, and stay in church!  Amazing, that just so happens to be God’s formula, too!  Now how about that!

Blessings to you, precious reader!  See you next time!!


4 thoughts on “The Secret to Joy in Life is in Simplicity!

  1. Oh man…you had me sweating with that underwear story! Grateful that God already knows the condition of my heart (and my underwear drawer) and still He loves me!! Great post, as usual! Blessings…

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