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Acts 5:29 NIV   2 But Peter and the apostles replied, “We must obey God rather than any human authority.”

There is no perfect church.  If you look for the negative, you WILL find it, no matter where you go!  God said what we seek is what we will find!  If there is a perfect church, once you get there it will not be perfect anymore!  I had a pastor say on many occasions, “You follow me as long as I follow God.  When I stop following God, you stop following me!”  God looks at the heart!  God looks at our motives. Did we love people, did we ALL serve, did we bear fruit?  If the answer is no, it is time get very honest with ourselves.  It is time to go to God and ask, “What is wrong and what do You want me to do about it?”  It isn’t about outward appearances.  I never want to be “a white washed tomb with dead men’s bones”.  Go with God and God will always go with you!  Seek Him, and things will become clearer and peace will abide within you!  Be controlled by the Spirit of God and you will always be where you need to be doing what HE has called you to do!  Be more concerned about impressing Him, instead of impressing man!  You will ALWAYS win when you do!

God said those who put their dependence in the arm of the flesh are doomed for disappointment.  Are we putting our dependence on how we see our worth in man, our careers, promotions, what we drive, what we live in, how successful our children appear to the world?  Are we doing things to impress our boss, pastor, government officials, voters?   You are off course if you are and you WILL suffer disappointment, grief and sadness!  God didn’t call you to impress, He called you to transparency!  Be real!!  People can spot a fake a million miles away and your credibility will be ruined before you even get started!

God doesn’t play games and neither should we!  Our loyalty is to Him and Him alone.  When someone starts leading you away from the Word they are leading you away from God because God is the Word! When you hear only portions of the Bible read, the Word twisted and pulled out of context, RUN!  The same pastor that told me we should only follow him as he follows God said something else very sobering, too!  He said if you have a pastor/leader that gets into your personal business, you are in a cult!  God will never tell you, “Ask people what they think instead of Me.”  He always said to come to HIM all who are weak and heavy laden  and HE would give you rest!  In other words, the throne room has not been opened for you to boldly approach Him if He meant only certain leaders could ask Him and then THEY would tell you!  He said for YOU to come boldly and make your petitions known to HIM!   I caution you, dear reader!  Be very aware of those who would want to control you!   The Holy Spirit, Himself Who is God points back to God the Father!  He never points to man as having the final say in your life.  Any man or woman who points to themselves instead of God is a controller and manipulator and they will answer for it!  Stay with the one who can never be wrong and that is God!

I am not advocating rebellion by any means!!  But, I am saying stay in check and don’t swallow everything that is spooned at you.  This same wise pastor also said, “Don’t take my word for it!  ALWAYS check what I say by finding it in the Word of God yourself!”  The same goes for this blog!  You stay with the Word and you will never go wrong!  Don’t just take anything and everything I say as the Gospel.  You double-check it with the Word!  It is so important to stay on course!!

Blessings to you, dear reader!  See you soon!


7 thoughts on “Who are You Trying to Impress?

  1. Hmm, I commented a few days ago on this but I’m not sure if it went through… I’ll try again. 🙂

    Wonderful post. It’s always good to be very careful, especially about what we hear and choose to believe, using God’s Holy Word as a guideline. Thanks for the encouragement. 🙂

    1. I am so sorry about your previous comment! I did not get it. I have had trouble with the “comment” section, but usually it lets me approve it, it just won’t let me answer back! Again, my sincerest apologies! On the post…I have seen more people get into so much trouble by chucking God’s Word for someone’s opinion, misuse fo the Word, or replacing it with Authors. So very sad to see solid people get sidetracked. Thank God for the Holy Spirit to bring us back to where we are supposed to be!! Thank you for commenting and reading! I really appreciate it! Blessings to you!! Juliana

    1. Glory to God and thank you!! I could literally spend all day at your site! Fantastic blog!! Thank you for the follow! So glad I found yours as well!!! Blessings in abundance! Juliana

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