Tonight I will be interviewed by “” on their podcast.  If you want to hear the voice all the pre-kindergartners ran from when I was a Sunday School teacher for 5 minutes, then tune in tonight and you can be traumatized by it, too!  Just kidding!  It is going to be a wonderful time in the Lord! 

We will be discussing my testimony, among the ones who inspired me as bloggers!  I hope you can make it.  The time will be 9 p.m. -10 p.m. Central!  Blessings, dear reader!  Hope you get to listen! 


11 thoughts on “Tune In!

      1. Will it be okay to take a peek tomorrow? I’ve been working on my book…the editing changes. Steve Sawyer, who has a blog here online (Christian) is editing it for me and emailing me the changes for me to accept or reject. It’s very hard work..tedious. So I apologize for not being as available today. It’s been a crazy week! I have an insurance adjuster coming tomorrow to take photos of my car where some guy backed out of his driveway while I was driving passed the other day… I will be available to look at it for you tomorrow in the afternoon..early afternoon I think..maybe 12 or 1? I hope you’ll forgive me for not getting to it today…it’s been crazy. God bless you sister! Love in Christ your way!

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