I saw this sign today.  I couldn’t stop looking at it at first as I pondered what it said.  Something was just off with it.  Finally, I snapped to it!  It is in essence saying that people need to give into your life as much as you give into their lives.  The conclusion is, if they don’t, they are disposable.  The problem with this is it is completely opposite of what God tells us to do!  We are to love as He loves, care as He cares, give as He directs!  If Sister Teresa had thought like this we would have never known her for her Godliness!  But, Sister Teresa never did what she did to please herself.  She didn’t do it to be waited on or to be “paid back”.    She didn’t do it for someone to give her a dinner so she could have recognition or some type of trophy so that she could tell herself what a great person she was!  She did it because she loved Jesus and was focused on Him, not herself!

If you will watch, especially pastors,  people with a heavy anointing on them  never seem to tire, they never seem to be impatient with others,  they are always ready to serve and do it all in love with joy!  They are like “energizer” bunnies!  They just keep going and going!  How does that happen?  They are not expecting people to fulfill them or “deposit” into them.  They are getting filled up by the Spirit of God!  They are having an endless supply and deposits from the Holy Spirit because they are more concerned with His recognition than their own.  They are not looking to people to fulfill them, but God!  Let me tell you something, if you are doing what you are doing for others because God has called you to it, if you are serving out of His power and love and filling back up in time spent with Him and His Word, God will see to it you are more than compensated!!  No human can give you the satisfaction and blessings God can!

There are relationships that are not healthy for us.  If people are demeaning us, using us instead of needing genuine help, if they cross boundaries of respect on purpose and hurt us due to bitterness, anger, or any other sinful reason, those we love but from afar!  But if we are “keeping score” in order to be “filled back up” by people, then we have gotten way off track!  The highest form of service is to be a servant.  Jesus Himself came to serve NOT be served!  We are certainly not better than Jesus!  He is our example, and He should be our focus, and our life’s purpose!!

Stay on track, dear reader!  Don’t let your treasures be what moth corrupts and rust decays, but what is everlasting  and will stand the fire of judgement and that is what you do for God!  What we do for God, not for ourselves, not for recognition, not for wealth or gain of any sort, but what we do solely for Him!  Those treasures are permanent!  They are also satisfying beyond anything this world has to offer or any of the people in it!

Blessings to you, my precious reader!  I will see you soon!


16 thoughts on “Since When Did God Decide It Was People That Needed to Fulfill Me??

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