Today I had a wonderful day with my precious daughter, Sunshine!  When our children grow up their lives take them into busy schedules and various activities.  I miss those days when I knew all I had to do was walk to their door to see them playing with their favorite toys or reading their favorite books!

Today Sunshine asked me to go shopping with her.  My day was so very busy I said no at first.  Then I thought, “How often is she off anymore and when was the last time we had a “fun” day together?”  I changed my mind and dashed to get ready.  As we were walking out the door, Sunshine looked at me and said, “I’m excited, Momma!”  Little does she know those are words I will carry and cherish in my heart all the days of my life!

We shopped for clothes and costumes for the puppies and went to eat at her favorite restaurant.  It was a memory made I will often revisit, just Sunshine and me!

Blessings to you, dear reader!  Never miss a chance to make a memory with your children.  They grow up far too fast!


10 thoughts on “My Baby and Me!

  1. Love this post. My kids are still at that age where I eavesdrop on them playing with legos, cars and super heroes. It pains my heart to know how quickly these days pass. I needed this reminder today to put aside MY stuff to be available for them. What a precious Momma’s treasure your daughter gave you…more valuable than rubies!

    1. They do pass far too quickly! Yes, she did give me the greatest gift…her love! Enjoy your children…before you know it you will be waving as they leave the driveway for college…:(

  2. What a beautiful day and blessing you have had. You are so correct to stop and make those memories for both of you, you never know what will happen in the next moment. My world changed when I received the call that my oldest daughter was dead shortly after my youngest disappeared due to mental just never know so cherish cherish and cherish each precious moment God gives you.

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