There are many people who say, “I call it like I see it!”  That is the problem with a lot of people’s lives today.  They are calling things like they see it instead of calling it as  God says it is!  As I was praying this morning God spoke this to me.  But, this is not all He said.  He said, “Instead of My children having the wealth of prosperity, health, peace, joy, and salvation from every care I have laid up for them, they are having a wealth of sadness, sickness, loneliness, financial struggles, worries, and fear because they are calling it “like they see it”!   Look at the tree in the picture.  That tree looks dead!  There are no leaves, it looks black, and like it will never thrive again.  But, the tree isn’t dead at all!  The tree is in the winter season.  When the spring comes leaves and blooms will begin to sprout again!  I can say to my husband, “That tree is dead!  Go cut it down and uproot it.”  What have I done?  By my words, I have surely killed a living thing by what it appeared.  Remember when Jesus went to the fig tree and it had no figs?  He said it was cursed and would never bear fruit again.  It didn’t look dead and shriveled up that second.  It was green and looked alive and well.  But the very next day it was shriveled and dead!  The minute Jesus spoke, even though it looked like nothing had happened, the tree was in reality dead!  The power of His words went into effect immediately, but the action of those words was not seen until later!

The Bible says the POWER of life and death are in the TONGUE!  We will have what we say!  There are laws of physics.  These laws work!  They don’t just work for me, they work for everyone who applies them.  If I get on top of the house and jump off the law of gravity is going to pull me back down to the ground fast!  You go employ that law and  it is going to do the same for you!  But when I put a higher law into effect, such as the law of Lift and Thrust, then we will fly and can stay in the air as long as we have fuel to take us!  Supernatural law, which is God’s Word and what He says it will be and,  if we will apply  it, will always supersede natural laws!  When we practice the word, we are putting into effect the law of life and superseding the law of sin and death!

When I got the news on my mother that she may not live past a day, I vented!  I was very upset!  I was so upset an EKG showed I was having a heart attack!!  But, I got alone when I got home and God and I had a talk.  The first thing He had me do was to stop saying what everyone else was saying and start speaking, “By the stripes of Jesus, Momma is healed!  No evil shall befall her and no plague shall come nigh our dwelling!  He perfects all things concerning me and Momma concerns me therefore He is perfecting her heart!  Her heart beats with the rhythm of life and He is keeping her in PHYSICAL SAFETY according to Psalm 16!!”  See I had to stop calling it what the doctors, nurses, blood work, echo cardiograms, etc. were calling it and I had to get GOD’S WORD COMING OUT OF MY MOUTH!!   God doesn’t say THINK the mountain into the sea, He says SPEAK TO THE MOUNTAIN AND IT WILL BE CAST INTO THE SEA!!  I had to call it as GOD SAYS AND SEES IT!!

I tell you no matter what anybody says, GOD HAS THE FINAL SAY!  Get in agreement with Him!  There is not greater person to agree with than GOD!  He said His word will NOT RETURN VOID BUT WILL (I want you to say out loud “will” now!) accomplish ALL HE HAS SET FORTH FOR IT TO DO!!!  The time for venting is over and it is time to praise in faith!  Praise God for the healing, deliverance, joy when all LOOKS lost!  Things are rarely what they seem, especially if you will give God permission through getting in agreement with Him on His Word to come in and do what only HE can do!!  Grab hold of this.  It will change your circumstances and your life!  Believe God over all else!

I love the song that says, “God said He would turn things around, what the devil meant for evil, GOD WILL MAKE IT GOOD!!!”  Oh, I need to run all over this house!!!  I am about to have a victory fit!!  You need to get up and have one with me!

If we will do what God says, we will have ALL God wants to give us!  Blessings precious reader!  Go in victory today and don’t let it go!!


6 thoughts on “Are You Calling It Like You See It Or The Way God Says It?

  1. So encouraging to me right now… Thanks for being so faithful with your truthful spirit and convictions. I will watch what I say about my mom’s cancer. Thanks for praying for her. We’ve had some very special times of healing. Hugs to you …

  2. YES! This is the biggest question I believe needs to be asked of Christians today. As most are seeing scripture and interpreting and reasoning it out with the natural mind…which greatly changes it’s true meaning and brings God down to our level instead of challenging us to begin reaching up to His level. To me, most of what God will ask us to do will be opposite of what our carnal/human nature would have inclinations to do…which is one good way to test whether our interpretation is correct. For instance, to our human nature, loving sinners and our enemies seems rediculous…or loving/caring for the poor, as the human nature would have a tendency to say, well, they are poor because they are lazy.

    It is time we as Christians begin to believe God’s words, no matter how they seem to us…to believe them above our own thinking and reasoning. To take Him AT His word.

  3. Oh Sister you have no idea what you do with this ministry !!! After my break down yesterday, I did as you said I started praise and thanking Lifting Him up and soon I was lifted, I prayed all day and thru the night at 4 am I was singing (croaking due to head and chest cold) Blessed Assurance and then Zion and dancing in the spirit, n to say hubs and animals not happy needless to say that is quite alright I prayed for them too especially the hubs! Praise God, Glory, Glory! thank you so much for your daily instruction and faith.

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