7 For we live by believing and not by seeing.  2 Corinthians 5:7 NLT

I got a call one day that one of my fellow church members was in the hospital and her condition was very bad!  She had diverticulitis and her colon had ruptured spilling infection into her blood stream and she was fighting septicemia.  The MRI showed she had 2 large tears in her colon and she was in severe pain running a high fever.   They wanted me to go pray for her.

I have lived in a “medical” family all of my life.  My father was Director of Cardiology at a large hospital in a large city.  Those were our discussions around the dinner table…what each disease was, what caused it, what was the treatment, and what medicine should be used to try to cure it.   I learned quite a bit, thanks to my dad.  I probably would have had more of an interest in medicine as a career but I can’t stand the sight of needles!!  That sort of nipped it in the bud!  When I heard the report on “Sally”, my first thoughts were, “Oh, this is not good!  She is going to have to have part of that colon removed!  They need to move quickly on this!  Septicemia is nothing to play with!  The longer you wait the more disaster she can encounter, including death!”  I didn’t think about one scripture!  I thought about MY  knowledge of things!

I got to the hospital and hoped “Sally” would ask for me to pray the doctors would have wisdom and do the surgery quickly with no complications.   Instead she asked me to pray for complete healing and she wouldn’t have to have surgery.  My first thought was, “Are you kidding me???  You ARE going to have surgery or  you are going to die!” Of course, I didn’t say that.   She had me touch her stomach and it was hard as a brick…that isn’t good.  When I held her hand it was scalding hot from fever!   I prayed the best I could around the subject and left thinking, “Please, Father give the woman sense and don’t let her die while she waits to make her decision!”  I came home and told my husband, “If Sally doesn’t start thinking straight, she is going to die!”  Oh, mighty woman of faith that I am!!

Two days later we get a report on Sally.  They took her for another MRI.  It showed the large rip in her colon had closed, except for about five inches.  The colon was healing and the doctor decided to give the tear a chance to continue to “heal itself” and her fever had broken.  There was no sign of septicemia.  Praise God!

I had to repent of unbelief!  I was so wrong!  I had gone wrong in listening to man’s report.  I had gone wrong in listening to MY knowledge of medicine instead of the knowledge of the Word of God!  I had gone wrong in letting what my five senses told me about Sally instead of what the Word said!  Praise God, lesson learned!!  Sally fully recovered, it has been years ago, she had a colonoscopy and there is NO sign she ever had diverticulitis or diverticula period!!  It is always best we walk by our faith in God and what the Word says than what we feel and see!  Walking that way only limits God.

Take the limits off today, my precious reader!  God can do so much more when you do!  Listen to someone who has learned from experience!  Blessings!!  See you next time!!




6 thoughts on “Walk by Faith and not by Sight

  1. Juliana, The Lord speaks to me through you. Thank you for sharing these words. I need encouragement in my faith as we face my mom’s brain cancer. From doctor’s perspective, she’s going to die. Please pray for our faith. And please pray for complete healing. Thank you so much for always sharing the truth. Many blessings to you…

    1. Precious heart! The Lord has been bringing you and your precious mother to my mind in the mornings when I wake up. Before my feet hit the floor I am pleading the blood and praising God for a miracle and for peace and strength for you!! Hold to His promises! Speak the word over her when you are with her. Apply the blood of Jesus everyday! I am expecting MIGHTY things!! Love and blessings!! Juliana

  2. I’ve said “wow” many times on your posts and I say “wow” again…I love hearing things like this because it encourages me in my faith…..which is sometimes lacking. Thank, Juliana.

    1. I am so glad you were blessed…glory to God! I say many times get a fork you are eating off of my plate! Boy, did God ever have me tell off on myself today! LOL! Guess I needed some humble pie, too! :))

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