Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity.   1 Timothy 4:12

You, however, have followed my teaching, my conduct, my aim in life, my faith, my patience, my love, my steadfastness….2 Timothy 3:10

This beautiful face belongs to my niece, who I will call “sweetie pie” because that is just what she is!  She is a sweetie, if there ever was one!  She has always been a good person.  She is a peacekeeper, she is an exceptional athlete, she is tender-hearted toward all people!  She is someone who is calm and easy-going and quiet.  The expression “still waters run deep” is true for her.  She loves the Lord with her whole heart!  This is the trait of which I am the most proud!

Yesterday, I posted on Facebook some facts about countries that  do not have the religious freedoms, we as Americans are allowed to have.  In certain countries, if found with a Bible in their possession, they can literally be killed, imprisoned, or permanently separated from their families.  They are tortured in a way that is unthinkable just for being a Christian.  Forty per cent of the world’s population are not allowed a Bible and have not even heard the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Now, I did not post that to get “likes”!  I posted that because there are ways of reaching these individuals so they can be saved and I gave one.  Out of all of my Facebook friends, most of whom are Christians, only 2 people “liked” this fact!  The first one was sweetie pie!  Many may not have been on at the time, some may have not seen it, but many did!  I cannot understand, for the life of me, a Christian who does not get excited at the fact people who are lost and dying and going to hell now have the opportunity to know the Gospel and Jesus as Lord and feel NO ZEAL for that whatsoever!!!

As I began to think about sweetie pie I thought, “She has touched my heart!”  As soon as I thought this I heard the Lord say, “And she has touched mine!”  Oh, to touch God‘s heart!  What greater accomplishment in life is there??  What greater joy, success, or honor than to touch the very heart of God Himself??   I began to think more about this.  The Lord showed me, without hesitation, she risked so much in the physical to “like” that post!  She risked losing “friends”, being persecuted, not being re-elected to a high position in student government at her University!  Without hesitation she risked ALL!  She thought of God before she thought of herself.

God began to remind me of another young lady that went to a prestigious University.  At this particular University an atheist was asked to come and speak.  The young lady was required to attend by a professor she had at the time.  As she sat and listened to him rattle off all the “reasons” there could be no God, she quietly stood up and began to sing this song, “Stand up, stand up for Jesus ye soldiers of the cross….lift high your royal banner it must not suffer loss…from victory to victory, His army shall He lead!”  Before she could get halfway through the song, one by one EVERY single member of the audience was on their feet singing with her!  They sang so loudly the speaker could not continue his senseless speech and left the platform!  It only takes one!  Oh, what God can do with the COURAGE and ZEAL of one!!  My niece has the zeal this dear young lady had back many years ago!   I am so proud of her!!!

This one is dedicated to my sweetie pie!  Never lose what you have, sugar!  God has so much in store for you!  His glory will rest upon you and lead you to places you never dreamed!  You will always be a courageous woman, yet quiet and gentle in your manner!  This is what will cause so many to stop and listen.  You have to tune out the world to hear the quiet!  Never compromise!  The gift within you is far too priceless!!

Thank you for stopping by, dear reader!  I appreciate you!  I wish you abundant blessings!!  See you soon!


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