I am happy to be back, my precious readers!  My husband and I took a camping trip, which is always wonderful for me because I get time with God with no interruptions!  For a couple of weeks now God has been speaking to me about the power of the blood of Jesus.  I studied this out several years ago, but I cannot get the song “There is Power in the Blood of Jesus” out of my mind.  Today, as we were on our way home, I was scrolling through Facebook and  on “Linda’s Inspirational Garden” (one of my many “likes”) I found the following.  It excited me so I had to share it with you as well!  Enjoy!  I intend to pray this every morning it is so powerful!!

Applying the blood covering over you and your family! This was sent to me by a dear loving sister in Christ! Thanks Lorrie! ♥ Inspiring Angel ♥
We begin with a short or brief time in praise and thanksgiving to God. We then confess our sins, our trespasses, our resentments and all our unforgiveness (we must forgive everyone who has hurt us in any way). We thank God for His mercy and forgiveness toward us in Jesus name. We are now ready to put on our blood covering for the day. (Exodus 12:12-14) …

I now cover myself with the precious Blood of Jesus christ. I cover my mind, body, soul, and spirit with the blood of Jesus. I especially cover my thoughts, emotions, reactions, and my attitude. I cover my spouse, all my children and their Christian spouses, all my grandchildren and the seed of all my future grandchildren in the precious blood of Jesus. I cover my home, my property, and all my possessions with the blood of Jesus. I now use my power and authority given to all believers by Jesus Christ Himself (Matt. 18:18-19) I bind satan and all his hosts, his principalities and all his powers,and every demonic force in the name of Jesus. I bind him and all his demons and I pull down every satanic stronghold over me and my family in Jesus name. I strike them dumb and strip them of their power to manifest against me and my family in any way in the name of Jesus.  I ask you, Father God, to assign forewarning angels to come against every demon that has been assigned to me and my family today.  According to Luke 2:52, I now claim favor with God and man for me and my family in Jesus name.  I loose the power of the Holy Spirit in every area of my life today. I thank you Father God for the security you have given us in the all-powerful name of your Son Jesus.  AMEN!!!

8 thoughts on “There Is Power in the Blood of Jesus!

  1. LOL I have been waking up each morning for the last 3-4 with this song in my head, in the car in the grocery line I am either quietly singing or humming it, today a young girl behind me heard me and she just started singing Power Power wonder working power….Gotta love it!

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