I have been so blessed in my life to have TRUE friends.  Usually you only get one or two.  I have been very fortunate and blessed to have far more.  They have been there for me when the going got tough.  They have prayed for me, blessed me, picked me up, brushed me off, rejoiced with me, and much more!

Today one of those dear friends called me.  You all will recognize her name because she is a fellow blogger.  It is Lyn Leahz.  She asked me if I would mind her playing around with the look of my blog.  How can a girl who loves change and redecorating say no?  She spent her ENTIRE  afternoon just looking at headers and backgrounds that I liked and completely revamped my page for me! 

Lyn found me and has just taken me under her wing.  She has prayed for me, given me incredible advice, taught me, and has shared her invaluable wisdom with me.  She is a treasure and this rose is for her!!

I appreciate you, Lyn!  You have been a Godsend to me!  I love you, my precious friend!!


22 thoughts on “A True Friend is a Treasure!

  1. Oh wow Juliania…this is wonderful! I feel a sense of love, warmth, and comfort..I feel at home….so inviting! Classy, beautiful, calming, and different from all of the rest! God bless you!

  2. I must add, Juliana, in being honest…you have enriched me in my faith with wisdom, not just from talking with you on the phone, but in your posts..from the serious ones, to the humerous ones…you’ve taught me a lot and have done so much for me! You make me laugh, and you make me think about my relationship with the Lord. God bless you for ALL you do!

  3. Ok..let’s try this again…thank you Juliana! God bless you! And you DID NOT have to post anything for me..but it sure is sweet and makes me feel good! I love you and adore you! I love doing that stuff too much to be thanked…I enjoy web design and also making company logos, brochures, etc FUN FUN!

  4. Oh you are way too sweet Juliana! God bless you! I love and adore you! You didn’t have to post anything about me… hugs! Don’t forget I’m calling you back at 8 your time! Love ya!

  5. Love it! Your new blog! And for sharing your friendship story. I love it. Your words remind us all to be grateful for those friends that come along not by accident but by DIVINE appointment.

    1. They truly are by divine appointment! Thank you so much! Didn’t she do a beautiful job? It is always so important, as you say, to keep an attitude of gratitude! Thank you! 🙂

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