16 For the world offers only a craving for physical pleasure, a craving for everything we see, and pride in our achievements and possessions. These are not from the Father, but are from this world.  1 John 2:16 NLT

Have you ever wanted something so badly you would even ignore what God is saying to have it?  You know it is wrong for you but your desire within is so strong you do it or set a goal to have it anyway?  There are three pitfalls in sin.  They are the lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, and pride of life. I love our scripture and how the New Living Translation Bible states it.  It is important to keep our eyes upon Jesus, stay grounded in the Word of God, and pray daily letting the Holy Spirit guide us.

When I was a senior in college one of my last courses was “Children’s Literature“.  One of the requirements of my professor was to read ten “Newbery Award” books.  One of the books I read was “Where the Red Fern Grows“.  It was a about a young man who had two hunting dogs who treed raccoons.  I won’t go into all of it, but before he was able to get the dogs he would set his own traps and catch raccoons at night.  One of the traps he set was  a metal object he made that had a hole in the middle with sharp edges.  He would then put corn in the middle for the raccoon to grab.  When the raccoon grabbed the corn he was trapped!  What was unique about the trap is the fact had the raccoon let go of the corn he would have been free and unharmed. He was only caught as long as he held on to the corn.   Instead the raccoon wanted the corn so badly it would fight against the metal until he would literally injure himself so badly he would cause his own death!  All he had to do was let go of the thing he was holding onto and he would have experienced freedom and would not have been caught in a trap that led to his loss of life.  God spoke to me about this years ago.  He said that is how we are so many times.  We want to hang on to OUR dreams, who WE want to marry, WHAT we want to do knowing it is OUR plan and then we get upset with God when He didn’t MAKE it work out!

God wants us to be truthful with ourselves!  He said He desires truth in our innermost man.  He desires truth in our hearts and to follow that truth.  Beth Moore says, “God’s truth and our own truthfulness will drive us to our desired destination.”  When we let go of what is NOT God’s will for our lives, then we will have what is perfect FOR our lives.  As long as we are like that raccoon holding on to the wrong things we will only experience upset, frustration, heartache, tears, and  a  loss of a better destiny!  It is not worth it!  So many times even though we know deep down inside something isn’t right for us, we will lie to ourselves and almost convince ourselves it is right and God even approves it!  I have seen people do things far from God’s will and then say, “Well, I thought God said yes”.  What have they done?  They were not truthful in the innermost man!  When God speaks you won’t use your own reasoning!  You will know the voice of the shepherd and follow it!  You won’t have to reason anything out, you have HEARD your answer and His sheep know His voice.

God sees all, you only see in part.  Believe me, God has something waiting that is so much better than what you had planned, and in the end, wasn’t  going to work out anyway.  Spare yourself undue heartache.  Face truth and ask God to take the “wheel” of your life.  He will always lead you to the best you can have and you will look back and say, “Thank God, I didn’t get my way but I got things GOD’S way!!”

Blessings to you, my precious reader!  I will see you next time!


8 thoughts on “It is About Me Today, God!

  1. OK-I won’t comment EVERY TIME but I LOOOOVE this!!! It is a lesson to be learned! I just love when he closes the doors for me that might have gotten me in trouble! Thank you.
    I lost my job, my husband and I am raising my daughter alone. Oddly, I am encouraged and looking forward to what God has for me. He put on my heart Rejoycin’ years ago and I felt I needed to pursue an inhouse job rather than start-up myself. Now, I am taking that leap in what I believe is His will– unless a great opportunity comes to me. I want to evangelise through my art and graphics and I am building a site.
    Don’t know why I am going on here but, be blessed today and always, His Love Denise

    1. Oh, I LOVE your comments!! I hope you don’t stop! What a testimony!! I just pray favor on you and that God drops handfuls on purpose on you and your precious family!! I pray God gives you witty ideas and inventions! You are the blessed!!! Glory to God! I am sooo excited to see ALL God has in store for you!! You bless me every time you drop by! I appreciate you!! Blessings in abundance to you! Juliana

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