Leave it to me!  Yesterday Auntie Em wrote me and told me her number of hits had almost doubled!  She became suspicious and went to the post that was getting numerous hits from all over the world!  She began to read.  All seemed perfectly normal.  The only thing different was she used the term “BFF”.  She began to think, “What if that has another meaning besides “Best Friends Forever”?  Being the smart Auntie Em she is, she researches it out.  She types in the particular phrase.  PLEASE, DO NOT DO THIS!  Sure enough, something terrible came before her eyes.

I began to roll in the floor laughing until I cried!  I began to think, “I am not the Lucille Ball…SHE is!”  I began to think “Thank God nothing like this has EVER happened to me on one of my post!”  Finally, the laugh is not on me for a change!!  I sighed with relief and pulled myself up off the floor and grinned!  This was just too funny!!

Today, when I went to my stats, I noticed a certain phrase had been researched from my blog!  I have the “Recommended Links” button at the bottom of my post before I publish.  It has never led me astray and I trust it.  I just automatically hit “Apply all”.  I noticed on this phrase it had come from the “Recommended Links”.  I decided to hit it, too!  It sounded pious.  It sounded like it would take you on a beautiful search of the spiritual article I had written.  Suddenly “Wikipedia” showed me something I have NEVER seen nor heard of in my life.  I thought I was going to FAINT!  Thank God, I was sitting down!

As I look, come to find out, there is a nut job out there that goes by the phrase WordPress recommended!  He was on the “Howard Stern Show”, if that tells you anything!  He calls himself a minister and dresses half naked and parades himself all over the place!  Yes, my face is red!!  He rants and says bad words!

This has taught me two lessons.  Number one, never laugh at Auntie Em!!  Number two, never hit “apply all” on “Recommended Links” unless you know what they are recommending!!!  Sorry everyone!  I truly had no idea…another one of my Lucy moments….yes, my face is still red and probably will be for the rest of the week!


15 thoughts on “Lucy Ricardo Strikes, Again!!

  1. Ok, this one got me – we’ve been watching Lucy all evening! One of our favorite sets of videos. Guess I’m new enough at blogging that I didn’t know about anything called Recommended Links.

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