The sign the cheerleader’s made!
“Our little town is sticking together and standing behind our kids!!! Someone has tried to prevent our cheerleaders from …
using religious scriptures on their run-through signs at the football games. This was all led by our children, and they made the decision to give the glory to God this year. We, as a community, will stand up for our kids and make sure they do not lose their voice and their rights in this. We have a group of parents who are not only outraged, but have decided to make a huge statement for our kids! We need all the support we can get for our kids in our little town!”

YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS.  This is a small high school team in deep southeast Texas that decided God was more important than what people thought!

These cheerleaders from Kountze, Texas took a stand and it is VERY CONSTITUTIONAL!   They have every right to do what they are doing.  The way the law reads  (and I am paraphrasing, it is not exactly like this but you get the picture!) is A TEACHER OR ANY PAID EMPLOYEE OF A SCHOOL CANNOT bring up a pro- religious discussion concerning a denomination or the Bible, nor initiate any form of religious establishment or institute,  nor can they initiate prayer, but STUDENTS CAN.  STUDENTS HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO EXERCISE THEIR BELIEFS AS LONG AS THEY HAVE NOT BEEN COERCED!  Thank God, these cheerleaders had the guts, boldness and fortitude to do just that!

If you are on Facebook and would like to support these cheerleaders, you can find them under the heading, “Support Kountze Kids Faith”.  I know I am!!

Blessings, dear reader!  May we all carry and show forth the boldness the Holy Spirit has put on the inside of every born again Christian!


6 thoughts on “Kountze,Texas Cheerleaders Boldly Show Their Faith to the World!

      1. Amen! I love the way Martin Luther King, Jr. did it. He was completely against violence, but he gently and in a Christian manner got his message across! This reminds me of that example!

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