Still maintaining the same weight.  I did not exercise yesterday.  I am starting to feel tired.  I don’t mean it is the shakes fault, but I am definitely feeling a lull in my energy.  I am going to up my carbs just a bit with fruit!  I recognize this, and I also need red meat because when I went to the doctor last time I had symptoms and the test said I had anemia.

I am not discouraged, thank God!  Seven pounds is incredible for a woman of my age.  I really didn’t think I would lose that much in a month!

I am going to do a slower walk, today; not on the treadmill.  Just a nice walk around my neighborhood.

Have a good day all, and thank you again for letting me be “accountable” to you.  As I read this I think, if this wasn’t me reading this about me it would be as boring as watching paint dry on a wall!!  🙂


20 thoughts on “Accountabliity, Day 6

  1. Lol!! It’s not boring. It’s nice to know I have a “parner in crime” so to speak. 😉 I took yesterday off as well, but I was up before the sun this morning getting my workout in! In restrospect I think I could’ve pushed harder, but I did my best. Maybe I’ll go for a walk later and/or dance around to this song that has me pumped up right now!!

    Have an incredible day Juliana!!

      1. After I registered I went to my free copyright account and copy/pasted the “registered and protected” symbol. Then I went to my dashboard-media-add new and uploaded the image. Once the image is uploaded wordpress gives it a url. Copy that link and go to the image box under widgets. Drag the image box to the right side of your screen and release it wherever you want it to show up. Add the link and that should do. Oh and make sure to save it! Did that help or was it totaly confusing? 😉

      2. Sorry for the delay in my response. Did you upload the image to the media category on your dashboard? Once you do that the link will be produced. Go to your widgets and drag the image box to your primary widget area. Once that’s down click on the downward facing arrow and paste the image link where it says “image url”. Save it and check back. Let me know if you got it. If not we’ll figure out a way!! 😉

  2. Just eat a lot of fresh fruits and veggies, plain meat (salmon, chicken, and some lean red meat), brown and whole grain rice, and oat bran. Get off dairy and switch to unsweetened coconut milk and coconut coffee creamer. Also, instead of sugar try using Blue Agave or Stevia. They’re good for you! And use olive oil or coconut oil instead of other can also spread coconut oil on your toast and it tastes good! It’s naturally mildly sweet! I’m losing unwanted weight on this diet for my allergies! God bless you, and don’t worry…you’ll have your new body very soon anyways!

  3. It is not boring and you are doing great. It is a marathon, not a sprint !
    I haven’t bought a scale yet although, my eating has not improved. I am kick starting by walking and hiking and I have keep to that with the exception of Sunday. I was down right exhausted from cleaning a reorganizing my office and other stuff– to boring to mention.

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