Still maintaining the same weight.  I did not exercise yesterday.  I am starting to feel tired.  I don’t mean it is the shakes fault, but I am definitely feeling a lull in my energy.  I am going to up my carbs just a bit with fruit!  I recognize this, and I also need red meat because when I went to the doctor last time I had symptoms and the test said I had anemia.

I am not discouraged, thank God!  Seven pounds is incredible for a woman of my age.  I really didn’t think I would lose that much in a month!

I am going to do a slower walk, today; not on the treadmill.  Just a nice walk around my neighborhood.

Have a good day all, and thank you again for letting me be “accountable” to you.  As I read this I think, if this wasn’t me reading this about me it would be as boring as watching paint dry on a wall!!  🙂


God bless you! I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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