Well, today I have another praise report, but this time it is about me!  When I found out Momma’s heart was “failing”, according to her doctor I began to have chest pain, tachycardia (racing heart), light-headedness, etc..  For those who haven’t read my past post, the doctor saw on my EKG I was having a heart attack and had, had a previous one.  I was rushed immediately to the “trauma center” at the hospital next door.  In the elevator the nurse was so worried she kept asking me questions.  I don’t know why but out of my mouth came suddenly, “Sweetie, God is with me and Jesus has my heart.”  I had not planned on saying those words.  As soon as I said them, ALL pain and discomfort left my chest.  The cardiologist met me at the trauma center, did another EKG and there was no sign of a heart attack, NOR a previous heart attack!!  GLORY TO GOD!

As a precaution, my Internist wanted me to have a stress test and an echo.  He made the appointment for me.  Today was the day.  I thought I was going to get to listen to Diana Ross while I walked.  I can go 3 miles easy with her singing!  They would not let me!  I thought, “Yikes, I am in for it now!”  They made me walk 4 miles an hour for 7.5 minutes (it seemed like an eternity!) and they wouldn’t let me swing my arms!  I made my sweetheart take me to IHOP after that!  I wasn’t allowed to eat before either!  Well, let me get back on the subject.  They put me in another room and I waited for my doctor.  He came in and said, “You have a completely normal heart, no disease, no abnormalities, beats as it should even under stress!  You are fine!  Do anything you want!!”  HALLELUJA!!!  God, AS ALWAYS, came through again!!

What is interesting about all of this is on the way to the doctor as my husband drove I checked my Facebook.  Out of the blue was a scripture posted by some organization I have never heard of.  It was on my page and I have no idea how it got there.  The scripture read, “Those things, which ye have both learned and received, and heard, and seen in me, do: and the God of peace shall be with you.  Philippians 4:9 KJV  As I began to think about that I remembered in the Greek, peace means nothing missing, nothing broken!  Then I began to receive text messages.  God spoke to two ladies the verse that says, “My heart is fixed, my heart is steady”  Glory to God, He doesn’t kid or mess around, folks!!!  What else is “funny” is right after all of those symptoms started the devil did everything he knew to get me to accept a diseased heart.  Rosie O’Donnell, who is a year younger than me had a heart attack, a female classmate of mine had to have triple bypass surgery, commercials saying heart disease is the number one cause of death in  women kept coming on!  I told my husband, “This is a set up from the devil to get me to accept a bad report!  I don’t receive this!”  I got my Bible and I started reading over again what God said Jesus did for me on the cross and one is  HE HEALED ME!  I would plead the blood and praise, praise, praise!!!  This brought so much peace because, just as the scripture says I learned, received and heard from my mouth say and peace came to me!

I am so glad you stopped by, dear reader!  Don’t forget tomorrow is another section of our series in Philippians with Teekay, and Auntie Em!  May God’s richest blessings abound to you!!


16 thoughts on “Another Praise Report!

  1. Praise God!!! – I will share your story with a friend of mine, who is needing healing of a different kind, not her heart but with vertigo. She is a very strong Christian and trust God to heal her in His time and that it may not be a physical healing. But we are praying for a physical healing for her – she has had “attacks” off and on now for 3 years, the doctors know the cause but basically other than physical therapy there is not much that can be done. So I ask that you keep GK in your prayers for physical healing. Through your story she will be reminded of God’s hope and promise to us.

  2. Amen!! With long life He shall satisfy you and show you His salvation!!! I love when we get to prove that the devil is a liar. Rejoicing with you! Bless you my sister….

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