This is my precious husband!  I call him “hubby” in my blog, but today I am going to call him “my sweetheart”!  Let me tell you why.

Today my grown children will be bringing their sweethearts to dinner for the first time.  They seem to do everything at the same time!  They moved out at about the same time, they started having a committed relationship at the same time, so now I am fixing supper for all of them, for the first time!   You all know from previous blogs I am a planner.  I knew what I wanted to make in advance, but I had not purchased any of it.  I had decided last night, I would wait until the next morning, get up early and make my purchases and start the cooking process.  Today, for some reason I slept later than usual.  I woke up, looked at the clock and PANICKED!!  It was ten o’clock and they are all coming at four.  What is bad about that is my meal has to cook for six hours!  I, in no way, had time!   I threw on my clothes, wanted to cry but didn’t have time, and ran out of my room so I could tell my husband I needed help and fast!

When I got to the kitchen I saw my crock pot was out.  Beside it was a note and it read like this:


I think I got everything you needed.  I love you.

About that time my sweetheart walked in from mowing and I said, “Baby, I have just fallen more deeply in love with you than I have ever been in my life!”

He explained to me at that point how he knew I had not slept well last night, he knew I needed  a full six hours to cook my dish, and he had gotten through with his early morning project (the sink was leaking) and decided to do it for me.  He had gotten every thing down to the ingredients for the dip!

As I began to think about this, I thought about God.  The Bible is His love letter to us.  Jesus purchased with His body and His blood everything I would EVER need in life, and I am ALWAYS on my Heavenly Father‘s mind!  Today my husband showed the love of God to me.  No gift  he could have purchased, nothing else could have shown me the love he had for me like that!  He thought of me, I was on his mind.  He met my need out of pure love from his heart!  I am a blessed woman, indeed!!

You know I see a lot of blogs about how WIVES can serve their husbands and we should!  But I don’t see a lot of blogs, in fact I haven’t seen any, on how a husband can love his wife and serve her.  Let me tell you something if you are a husband.  If you want your wife to melt in your arms, love her as my husband showed his love for me today.  He literally acted in love as Christ did when He gave Himself for the church.  We are His bride, and your wife is YOUR bride!  She is your treasure!  When a person finds a treasure, and I think of a treasure chest of gold that someone would find in the sea (I don’t know why that is always my visual) they guard it with their very lives!  They put it in a safe place.  They look at it and think about the preciousness of it.  They treat it with adoration.  They protect it because it has value that cannot be measured!  This is how you should treat your wife and what God expects of you.  Jesus looks and treats us the same way!  Believe me, she will melt in your arms, she will begin to reciprocate in kindness, her respect for you will grow to magnitudes you never thought possible!  It is amazing how far a little kindness can go.  But, you don’t do this to get something, you do this because God commands it in the Word!  When you don’t treat your wife according to God’s standards, your prayers are hindered!  Why?  Because faith works by love!

I didn’t intend for this to be about marriage, but God surprised me!  What you do may be something as simple as surprising her with her favorite ice cream or an all out candle light dinner or a foot massage when she gets home from work.  It may be a call to tell her forget fixing dinner,  you have plans to take her to her favorite restaurant.  It may be a card under her pillow with a note inside telling her how much you love and appreciate her. It may be something as simple as setting out a crock pot with groceries beside it…oh, how priceless that was for me!!   It doesn’t have to be furs, diamonds, cars, and dream homes!  All a wife, who truly loves her husband,  wants is his love in return!  Rekindle your flame today!

Oh, and for the record, I have the best husband in the whole world!  Blessings to you, dear reader!  I will see you soon!


9 thoughts on “Love and Provide for Your Wife as Christ Loved the Church!

  1. Not sure but this one made me cry. I have a wonderful husband who does thoughtful things for me all the time. Maybe it made me see how I don’t always notice the things he does do but I sure take the time to notice the things he doesn’t do!
    Your sweetheart’s act of kindness was blatantly obvious! NO wonder you dubbed him sweetheart for the day! What a keeper you have. I think at first this touched me just because of your husband’s thoughtfulness! THAT one was pretty over the top!!! Not sure even the most thoughtful leaders of marriage counseling workshops could stand toe toe with that one!
    Love your blog!

    1. Awwww, thank you so much and glory to God! I understand about the tears…it made me cry, too and he held me while I cried…then I told him he was the best husband in the world and he asked me if he could get that in writing…LOL! I had to add it to the end!! He makes me laugh, too! And, you are so right, he is definitely a keeper…we will celebrate 29 years of marriage in December! 🙂 So glad you stopped by!! I hope you come by often! God bless you!!!

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