Sorry y’all, but this is the only picture I could readily find of Momma.  About a month ago my mother almost died on a Monday.  I did not know how grave it was, but my dad did.  He has worked in cardiology for almost 40 years.  I had no idea how complicated the heart is!  Our God is truly a genius!!!

I recognized signs of heart failure and asked my father if she was in it.  He said yes, but the prognosis was good.  He talked to her doctor and he told him he wanted to see her ASAP!  I went with them and he immediately put her in the hospital.  My dad was afraid to tell me we could lose her that day because he said  he didn’t know how I would react.

She had very little ejection fraction, which is not good.  It had been 13 per cent and now it is at 40 per cent, her blood work that shows heart failure (BNP, which measures fluid around the heart) was coming back in the 1200s and the week before it was 180 (it is supposed to me less than 200) yesterday it was down to 400 (last time it was 600), the wall of her ventricle was enlarged and now it is  shrinking, which is wonderful!  Her BMP, which measures electrolytes, potassium IS NORMAL!!!  Thank you, Jesus!!!!  Her doctor, who gave her no hope, said, “I am encouraged!”  We are witnessing a miracle before our very eyes!!!!  GLORY TO GOD!!!

I want to thank my precious blogging family for praying for us and all the words of encouragement!  You do not know how I cherish EACH AND EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!!  Praise God, He is faithful to His Word and it does not return void, but accomplishes all that it is set forth to do!!  I want to extend a special thanks (and I have now begun to have tears) to Patty, Patricia, Lyn,  Ken,  and Wayne!  Oh, what would I have done without your words of encouragement and support??  Thank you all again!  May God’s richest blessings be multiplied to you!!!


18 thoughts on “Praise Report on My Mother!

  1. Praise God! It’s so wonderful what our Lord can do!!! Now, I’ll take a couple of those Hot tamales, they look good!!!…LOL…many, many blessings to you and your family…May we always find, comfort, answers, love and understanding in God’s healing hands….Robin

  2. I ran into your blog thru your recent faithful devotion ….and I say amen! We can not disregard any verse in scripture, even if they seem too hard to do or we just don’t understand, as God will be faithful to give us the understanding and ability to do what is being asked of us. I think the new commandment (we forget that it IS a command) is something we don’t like….because it tells us to treat * everyone*, even those in society we think don’t deserve it, in the same way that we would want to be treated. But, God has a plan and wants us part of it….


    1. Thank you, Jennifer! Glory to God! That is exactly right! I actually have one on “Faithful is Our God” if you would like to read it! I appreciate you stopping by and hope you will again! Blessings to you! Juliana

  3. PRAISE THE LORD!!! Oh I can sing Hallelujah to our Lord and King for healing your mom! I did not know about your illness until now because I have not been on the blog lately, but I am so glad I was able to witness in reading of His goodness and healing power. What a miracle indeed. The Lord had his hand over her even beforehand. He has his children calling out in prayer for those in need. Interceding, having compassion and praying with a fervent heart is a long distant but short call to the Master to come and rescue. Oh bless the Lord for all His has done and will do!!

    God bless your entire family in the mighty name of JESUS!!


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