While our daughter and son were in college, my husband and I really watched our money!   I was driving a BMW and it was getting to the point it had seen better days and just needed to go into “retirement”.  I am a very ordered  person that plans every detail.  Every “i” must be dotted and every “t” crossed!  If I plan on giving a July 4th party, I begin the planning stages at the first of June!  If you give me a project, I start it the minute you finish telling me about it and I don’t stop until it is finished!  Procrastination drives me INSANE!!  Well, you can imagine what I did before the purchase of my next car.

I began to “research“.  I researched colors…I found out white is the only color that doesn’t fade.  I researched performance and maintenance costs.  I researched how much insurance would be monthly.  I researched “Consumer Reports” and how each car compared with the next.  I looked at the one that appealed most to my eye and pocketbook and I was ready to shop!

I began my car buying journey and could not get the first salesman to budge on price.  It cost more than I paid for my house!  Absolutely not!  I tried to get that man down for almost a week.  Finally, I had, had it!  I grabbed my purse, thanked him for his time and decided I was more than willing to settle for my second  choice.  I headed for the city, but decided that was silly since in my little community they had a dealership that sold my “second choice” car.  I wheeled the BMW around and headed back to “town”.   I parked my car and walked through the front door.  Honda had been bragging they were number one in dependability and pleasure of driving their Accord.

I walked to a counter and saw no one.  My first thought was, Wow!  The car business must really be good because nobody showed up to help me for about five minutes.  Usually they hop on you like flies to sugar!  Finally, a young man appears.  “May I help you, ma’am?” he asked.  “You certainly may!  I would like to see your Honda Accords!”  He looked at me and said, “I cannot show you one ma’am.”   I reply, “And, just why not?  You are supposed to be the number one car sold in America at this time.  If you are so popular, just why is it you don’t have any?”  As I say this, I boldly plop my arm on the counter and looked out the window.  Sure enough, there are NO Honda Accords.  I knew I had him and good!  Somebody had paid off  “Consumer Reports” and those Hondas were not as good as they said they were!  The young man looked at me dumbfounded. Finally, he gained his voice and said, “Because you are in a Toyota dealership.”  My face went red and so did his.  I put my arm down, grabbed my purse, said, “Thank you very much!” and got out of there as fast as I could, vowing never to show my face in my hometown again!  The whole world would know about this!!

Boy, was I right!  Yet, again, I have told off on myself!   Hope you have a good laugh at my expense!  🙂


God bless you! I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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