13 Then if indeed that house is deserving, let come upon it your peace [that is, [b]freedom from all the distresses that are experienced as the result of sin]. But if it is not deserving, let your peace return to you.

14 And whoever will not receive and accept and welcome you nor listen to your message, as you leave that house or town, shake the dust [of it] from your feet.  Matthew 10:13-14  Amplified Bible

In Texas, we have “lovebugs” two times a year.  Once is around May and then again in September.  By Labor Day they are in full swing!  You cannot have a Labor Day picnic with sandwiches on white bread because they are attracted to the color white.  If you eat white bread, it will soon look like pumpernickel because they will be all over it!  They are PESTS!!  They are everywhere!!  They stink, they get smashed into your car while driving, and if you don’t wash them off quickly, they will take the paint right off of your car!  We hate them and there is no known pesticide that gets rid of them.  You pray for cold weather because that is the only thing that gets rid of them that we know of!  They have by then reproduced, gone into the ground and hide until the next season for them to emerge comes around!  I am apparently allergic to these pesky critters.  They  come in your house every time a door opens by the droves!  They then migrate throughout your house making themselves at home, while you suffer!  I sneeze, cough, and itch!  They are not lovebugs to me,  they are “hatebugs”!!

As I was thinking about how to get rid of them in my house today, I sneezed, scratched, and coughed, the Lord spoke to me about an analogy with these pesky varmints!  They are like people who come into our lives sometimes.  They look like Christians, know all the “lingo” of a Christian, they carry a huge Bible, have the bumper sticker, and will hug you and say, “I love you, sister!” but they are as fickle as the day is long!  They have the same issues they had when you knew them ten years ago.  They take NO advice or put any teaching into effect  the pastor or anyone else has to offer.  They will sit there, shout amen, and before they get out of the parking lot they are back to their old selves!  Now, I am not saying they are not Christians.  Some are born again and that seems to be as far as they can get.  Some are outright tares in the field trying to look like wheat!

There are certain people you wave hello to, smile, but you have to love them from afar!  Why?  Because they will drain you of your anointing,  peace, and energy!  They will latch onto you for “help”, but the problem is they never listen or do a word you say!  The definition of insanity, according to Creflo Dollar, is doing the same thing over and over and expecting to get a different result!  I cannot turn a steering wheel  right when I want my car to turn left no matter how many times I do it!  These people will call you and keep you hours on the phone!  They will cry and gripe about the same thing from now until the cows come home, as we say in Texas!  You will be spending time in prayer, and suddenly there is a knock on the door and guess who is standing there wanting to rehearse their misery and tell you God sent them!  If they can hear so clearly from the Lord, they need to hear about their problem, obey what He says, and get about the Father’s business instead of distracting what God had for you to do that day!!

I knew a woman one time.  This woman would not work.  She had a son and was divorced and expected literal hand outs out of pity!  She couldn’t clothe this young man, had nothing to do with him, because she was so busy wandering all over town “ministering”.  Her son would have to find a ride to school and home.  She never made arrangements for him in any way whatsoever.  She would go to “minister” where she could get some form charity.  Nothing she said ever made any sense.  She would go to church and get in the “prayer line” to get prayed for, but before she could be prayed for she would just fall on the floor.  She would get up again and again and fall on the floor before anyone could pray for her every time!  She decided to marry a man in the choir and they fought like cats and dogs!  They would go to the pastor for counseling and before they could make it back to the car they would end up in a yelling, screaming fight over the very thing they went to the pastor for counseling about.  He would hear it and look out the window to make sure they didn’t kill each other and just shake his head!  He finally had to tell them the “sessions” were over because they wouldn’t do what the Lord spoke to him for them to do which was completely Biblical!  I saw her recently and nothing has changed!  She had even totally backslidden at one point and left God completely during the past ten years I have known her.  Thank God she did come back and repent, but has gone back into the same behaviors!

What do you do about someone like this when they decide YOU are their saviour?  You shake the dust, love them from afar, and walk on letting God fill your heart with peace and don’t let the devil fill your heart with guilt!  Now, there are baby Christians and we HAVE to be patient with them.  I don’t mean if they don’t get it the first time you just “drop” them.  I mean when you begin to feel the draining, the need for counsel yourself, the need to run and hide  God’s grace is not there for you to  help them!  At that point you have to realize they truly just want attention and not help at all.  Pray, love them FROM AFAR, but there comes a time they have to stand on their own two feet and if you keep carrying them, they will never walk, and you will get to the point of such exhaustion, neither will you!

If you have someone God has released you from still in your life that wants to be “carried”, you have to confront that with yourself.  To confront them does no good because they will not listen.  That is why they are still in the boat they are in.  Let them know you are having time with God and your schedule is busy with some things He has in mind!  Let them know you are no longer available, God is calling you to a new season and He is!  He is calling you to a lifetime of  peace and freedom!!

Blessings to you, dear reader!  I hope the devotional today was a help to you!  See you next time!


6 thoughts on “Love Bugs???

  1. Very good and true. Know those kinds of people!! I call them leeches!! Always taking, never giving back!

    Be blessed and be a blessing, Renee Gallaspy

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