Where life takes you is where your “thought” life goes.  The natural ALWAYS follows the spiritual.  If you are spiritually sound, so shall your thought life be!  If you are spiritually immature, so shall your thought life be.  The Bible tells us in Proverbs 23:7 “7 For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he….”

You cannot be a negative person and expect positive results.  You cannot be a person who holds onto unforgiveness and be someone who walks in love.  You cannot have a greedy, selfish heart and think bitter, unforgiving thoughts and be a giving, caring person.  You will  be a taker and a user, and think everyone owes you something!  Your thought life will direct your present and future for out of it you will make decisions and choices that can affect the rest of your life.

In Acts 26:2a Paul said,2 I think myself happy….”  Paul had been unjustly accused, was beaten,  and had been placed in prison stocks when he should have been free and respected as a man of God but Paul says, “I think myself HAPPY…”  Many would have blamed God, blamed their parents, blamed the occupation they went into, blamed their spouse, blamed the preacher, blamed the congregation and no telling what and who else!  How could Paul be happy?  Because he THOUGHT faith-filled, spirit-filled thoughts!  While he was in chains he wasn’t thinking bad things about people, he was praising God!  He was in worship!  As he entered the throne room of God, God strengthened him, spoke to him words that would change generations to come for the next two thousand plus years!  He was full of joy instead of bitterness because where the presence of the Lord is there is LIBERTY AND JOY!!!  Because of Paul’s “thought life” he is a hero of the Bible today!  Because of his thought-life, though his body was in prison, his mind was free and filled with joy and peace!!

Because of Paul’s attitude and his preparation by being in prayer and the presence of God before facing King Agrippa he was able to tell him boldly, “I think myself happy!”  King Agrippa was so impressed with Paul he said he was almost persuaded to become a Christian!  He even wanted to let Paul go, but did not have the authority to do so.   Even then Paul withstood shipwreck and being bitten by a venomous snake and suffered no harm!  Idol worshippers came to God because of what Paul’s thought-life had produced and that was tremendous faith and joy in God!

What you think on will become your destiny.  Remember the picture at the beginning of this post.  At any time, you can change your direction.  I don’t care how old you are or where you are, you have the power to say yes to Jesus and line your thoughts up with the powerful Word of God!  Life doesn’t have to be as it has always been!  It can change for the better until you see all the best God has stored up for you!


I am so glad you stopped by, dear reader!  I wish you joy and abundant blessings!  I will see you next time!


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