4 thoughts on “hill country bluebonnets

  1. I am embarrassed to tell you this, but I am not totally sure. This was taken by my dad years ago, if I am not mistaken, when he and my mom and other couples would take off on one of their retirement excursions. But, I will be glad to ask him about it for you! Blessing to you! Juliana

  2. Wonderful image. I’m currently researching my route for next year and was wondering where in the hill country this was taken. Any suggestions about must visit locations for photography? Thanks,

    1. Montgomery, Texas and Conroe, Texas along Hwy 105 are sure to please! You only have about a 2 week period to catch them, too. Plan your trip for no later than the first 2 weeks in April. Also, Brenham and Austin have great locations. Make sure you catch Navasota, go on 90 NORTH to Rohne Prairie, then to Brenham. West of Brenham, Tx is great….you will have a gold mine of pictures with this route. Have fun!! Juliana

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