Tonight I take my first blogging class.  My husband saw it in the local paper and read it to me.  It has been years since I have been “in school”!  Even after five months of blogging, I know I have so much to learn!

The thoughts that are going through my mind are similar to the thoughts that went through my mind on the first day of school from kindergarten to college!  It is my first day, what will I wear?  This is always a woman’s first question for any major event!  What if the teacher doesn’t think I am very bright?   I probably shouldn’t mention I have a blog…she may look at me and think, “She has blogged for four months and she still doesn’t know this??”  Should I take my computer?  Oh, the list goes on and on, as all of you who read me on a regular basis knows!  But, at the same time the excitement of what I can learn and take away from this class (which was free, to boot!) far outweighs my nervousness and fears!

She will probably be the nicest lady!  I mean she is doing this for free and she knows we are all beginners!   She knows, obviously, that blogging offers so much in meeting great people, freeing your emotions to “paper” and knowing there are others out there that really “get you”!  The joy of being a part of a group that thinks about, “Have you ever thought of it this way?”  and then you see the beauty of God‘s handiwork in how deeply He speaks to others and in so doing passes it on to you!

Say a prayer for me, dear reader!  Part of this class is the mechanics of writing, which I desperately need!  I am not going to tell her I am a degreed teacher….that would throw me under the train for sure!  I better take a five subject spiral for that one!

I think I will tell hubby just how “excited” I am.  Maybe he will take me to my favorite restaurant.  I mean, you  can’t send your “student” to school on an empty stomach (not that mine ever is!).  🙂

Blessings to you, dear reader!  I will be back with all the exciting details with what I learn!  See you soon!


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