Today, I had lunch with my beautiful daughter!  We will call her Doctor Sunshine, because that is what she is going to be and what she is to me!  Here is a picture of her and my son we will call “the Rev.”….

As we ordered, we ordered something off the menu.  Our waiter didn’t know what we were talking about so he handed us over to his manager, who I see is the manager because she seems to be able to manage any challenge that comes to her!  Here is her picture with the great plate of food she made for us herself!

You can just and tell she is a sweetheart!

Nachos!  Nummy!  And, no I didn’t eat them all by myself…Dr. Sunshine helped!

I love a good restaurant where it is about the customer and making them happy!  Thanks to Sara for a wonderful dining experience!  We will be back!   :))

Oh, and Patty, who is also known as I felt so much better after you gave me that beautiful word, I got up, put on my make-up, went to lunch with my daughter and laughed and laughed at all she had to tell me!  I feel HEALED, WHOLE, AND MY BODY IS FUNCTIONING TO PERFECTION!  Amazing what a word from the Lord will do for you!!!  Love you, sweet sister!!!  This one is dedicated to you, my precious friend!!


God bless you! I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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