Today, my mother had a doctors appointment.  What he had to say was not what we had hoped to hear.  I have looked back over past posts of mine and I have literally watched God speaking to me to believe for a miracle and I can have it.  My mother isn’t just my mother.  She is my best friend, my prayer partner, my encourager, but she is also one I love as I have not known love like another other than God, my husband, and children.  She is my treasure!  Living without her is not something I am willing to accept and I don’t have to.  Now before you think I am crazy, go back and read the posts that have led up to this day.  EVERY single one has been about miracles, having what God’s word says in the face of adversity, not trusting the word of mere man!  Having peace when the cares of life are raging!  Do you think this day took God by surprise??  NO, NO, NO!!!  The prayers Bro. Wayne Augdon has prayed and words of encouragement that have been given from others that follow this blog was no coincidence!!

After I got Mother into the car I began to walk to mine.  A pain began to hit me in my chest and to the left and down my arm.  My doctor is in the same building so I called thinking my blood pressure may have gone up a bit.  They told me to come straight to his office!  When I got there they ushered me right in.  The doctor came in and, sure enough, my blood pressure was elevated and I was having symptoms of tachycardia (a racing heart).  He went to get a prescription for a stronger beta blocker and when he did, the pain intensified.  The nurse walked in and I told her.  She did an about face and then walked in with an EKG machine.  They plugged it up and the doctor was summoned.  He looked at todays and at one he had done routinely about 2 years ago.  He began to explain there were changes and he was sending me to the hospital emergency room and was calling a hospitalist to meet me there.  He said he wanted to call an ambulance but a nurse would take me in a wheel chair because it would be faster.  They met me at the door and my cardiologist was standing waiting for me.  As the little nurse and I went, she was so nervous she could not remember what floor the ER was on.  I had to tell her.  As we got in the elevator she began to sweat profusely and asked me was I okay.  Was my chest pain worse?  I said, “Sweetie, don’t be afraid, God has me and Jesus is taking care of my heart”.  When I said that ALL pain left my chest!  She asked me if the pain was worse and I told her there was no pain anymore at all and I could get her to the ER and not to be afraid.  As I sat in that wheel chair I thought. “Father, if you call me home right now, I am not scared one bit.  I know where I am going!!   But, I do ask this….please, don’t let it hurt ( I am a wimp with needles!).  Immediately, Psalm 16 came to me that says, “therefore my heart rejoices and you keep my body in physical safety!”  I knew I was just fine and all would be well!

We finally got to the ER and they jumped on me like white on rice!  They did another EKG and it was totally NORMAL!!  Thank you, JESUS!!!!!  No sign of a heart attack or a previous heart attack!!  In a matter of ten minutes, God had performed a miracle on me and I was being sent home.  I didn’t even have to have an IV!  I told you God understood I was a wimp with needles!!  My cardiologist was standing there, took me in a room, shut the door, listened to my heart, told me it sounded great, and asked me how my family was doing and what was I doing for a living  now!   In other words, I was such a non-emergency, he decided to just sit and catch up since I had not seen him in a while!

Let me ask you, dear reader.  Do you think God will do the same for you?  Do you think He will do it for my mom?  If He does it for me HE WILL DO IT FOR YOU, MY MOTHER, AND ANYONE ELSE WHO WILL BELIEVE!!  I am not God’s favorite…just one of them and YOU ARE, TOO!!!!  Glory to God, we can trust Him with every second and every breath, and every HEARTBEAT of our lives!!!

There is a song we sing at church that says, “God said He would turn things around, God said He would turn things around…what the devil meant for evil  God will MAKE IT GOOD, turn around, turn around, turn around!!!”   They are turning quickly, too!

Blessings to you, dear reader.  And remember GOD IS STILL ON THE THRONE AND HE LOVES AND WATCHES CAREFULLY OVER US!!!


6 thoughts on “God Said He Would Turn Things Around!

    1. Glory to God!! I believe that and receive it, Patty!! I needed that word from God! Thank you, Jesus! You have encouraged and blessed me so. Thank you for your obedience! I am crying tears of joy and relief! Love you, sister!!!

  1. Amen and Praise the Lord! I am so thankful to Him that He delivered you from any heart trouble and it didn’t end up being something serious..and yes yes yes! He can heal your mom too!

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