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5 [Inasmuch as we] refute arguments and theories and reasonings and every proud and lofty thing that sets itself up against the [true] knowledge of God; and we lead every thought and purpose away captive into the obedience of Christ (the Messiah, the Anointed One) 2 Corinthians 10:5 Amplified Bible

8 For the rest, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is worthy of reverence and is honorable and seemly, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely and lovable, whatever is kind and winsome and gracious, if there is any virtue and excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think on and weigh and take account of these things [fix your minds on them].  Philippians 4:8 Amplified Bible

Today I know we are all facing challenges!  Some of us are facing challenges that look insurmountable!  Our economy, jobless rate, sin of the world is not good if you are looking with your physical eyes.  Some people have gotten negative reports from the doctor.  I ask you, whose report do we believe?  This was a song we used to sing at church.  At the end of that question we would throw our hand in the air and point heavenward and shout, “We shall believe the report of the Lord!!”  Today, am I believing what the media is telling me?  Am I going to just lie down and receive every negative thing I see and hear?  NO WAY!  Not when I have the word of God that says His promises are yea and amen, which means YES AND SO BE IT!  I tell you now, God never promised anything He didn’t intend to give to ALL who would believe!!  Glory to God with God there is no prejudice, no bigotry, no false hope!!!!  To EVERYONE who BELIEVES, HE GIVES POWER!   I said he gives POWER!!!    I ought to stop right here and just have a running fit!!!!  I am writing myself HAPPY!!!

Faith is a fight, my dear reader!  The Bible says to “fight the good fight of faith”!  Why is it good??  BECAUSE WE WIN!   You ask a boxer who loses if the fight he fought was good?  He will tell you without skipping a beat,  NO!  Why?  Because he lost!  We, my precious fellow Christian, are in a FIXED FIGHT!  Jesus won it on the cross over 2,000 years ago!  Now with all of that being said, why is it some don’t see the end result of their faith?  I think in some cases, not all, it is because we go more on what we see and we allow people who haven’t heard from God and what God has told us to effect our believing!  Now notice I said in SOME cases!  Don’t ever feel condemned if you prayed, truly believed, and your prayer was not answered as you thought it would be.  We don’t know all things as God does, and it may have been God had something better in mind.  I am talking about when we have a plain directive from God and know exactly what the word says about a situation, but we begin to doubt due to feelings and what I call “nay sayers”.  You can tell someone something God has told you, back  it up with the word, and just like Joseph experienced with his brothers, they will tell you every HUMAN reason it won’t work.  Well, guess what!  God is doing what He promised you, not some mere man!  You aren’t in the natural sphere anymore, you in the SUPERnatural sphere where NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!!  The Bible doesn’t say agree with arguments, theories and reasonings it says to REFUTE them when they are against the knowledge (the Bible) of God!  Refute means prove something is wrong.  If it isn’t in line with the word, it is WRONG!  You can’t make it more simple than that.  It says in Philippians whatsoever is TRUE and PRAISEWORTHY think on these things….you cannot find the greatest genius alive that is more right and true than God!  The Bible says He will use the “foolish things of this world to confound the wise”!  Even genius’ will be left scratching their heads when God gets finished with what He has promised you!  You have to guard your mind to keep your promise!  If you want to see the end result of your faith, you have to think about what you are thinking about!

In 1989 my father was told he had 2 years to live.  He had contracted hepatitis “b” during surgery and it had gotten so bad it had gone into hepatitis “c” and had almost destroyed his liver!  He was sent to  Mayo Clinic and they gave him no hope.  His doctor told him he had a maximum of 2 years to live and he didn’t think he would make it that long.  He had only seen in all of his years of practice one woman live 2 years with that much liver damage.  When we got the news, we began to DIG into the word for hope and healing for my dad!  That is when my mother learned about healing for ALL and taught us!  We began to read Ken Hagin, Sr., Ken and Gloria Copeland, Dodie Osteen, and Charles Capps.  My dad was sent home from his job (he was director of cardiology at a local hospital) because he was so ill.  He didn’t lose his job.  My father had developed that department from the ground up and the hospital administrators and doctors had great respect for him!  They gave him “vacation” time.  During that time, Daddy began to dive into the word of God!  He began to dive into prayer!  He began to get better and better until the hospital let him come back “administratively”.  Various doctors and nurses and salesmen would come to see Daddy.  When Daddy first got back, he felt so much better.  But as a steady stream of people would come in this is what they would say…”Mr. D, your eyes are looking yellow…are you okay?  Mr. D, you look like you don’t feel well, why don’t you sit down awhile, Mr. D you feel like you have fever, I think you are sick!  Why don’t you go on home?”  Even my father’s own mother told him he was going to die!!  She didn’t believe in healing and he needed to get ready to go!  My word!!  Well, these words would shake my father up.  One day he came to my house and collapsed on my couch.  “Daddy what is wrong?”  My mother answered for him, “People told him he looks bad today and said his eyes are looking yellow”.  You talk about MAD!  It got my dander up!  What had happened?  People who didn’t know God’s word or the promise God had given my father that he would live showed up and began to speak fear and doubt into his life.  Now I have always been a little spitfire!  ALWAYS!  When I get mad at the devil, you will know without a doubt!  I looked at him and felt his head.  He was burning up with fever!  I didn’t tell him that, though.  Suddenly, God spoke to me and said, “Look at his eyes and tell me what you see”.  I did.  They were just as white as they could be!!  There was NO trace of yellow!  When the liver begins to fail, that is one of the main symptoms…the yellowing of the cornea.  I said, “Daddy get up and come with me!”  I took him into the bathroom that had the best light.  It was very bright and you could see well.  Momma began to follow.  I said, “Look in the mirror and tell me what you see.”  He looked.  I said, “Do you see any yellow?”  He replied, “I am so upset, I can’t tell for sure.”  I stood beside him and put my face by his.  I said, “Daddy, look at your eyes and look at mine…what do you see?”  He said, “I see my eyes are as white as yours!”  GLORY TO GOD!!!  “So those people didn’t see what they thought did they?  Your eyes are completely normal!”  By the time we made it back to my living room, which was less than ten minutes later, my dad had NO FEVER!!!!!  It is 2012 and my dad is ALIVE AND WELL TODAY!!!!  He didn’t have a liver transplant, medicine, or anything else.  But, he had GOD AND HIS WORD, and that was MORE THAN ENOUGH!!  Oh, and by the way, my father is 74 and just retired a second time from the hospital within the last month.  They asked him back as a consultant and he worked 12-14 hours every single day!!!  Yes, 23 years later my dad is alive AND THRIVING!  Tell me God doesn’t stand by His word…no don’t do that ….it won’t be pretty!  🙂

Friends, when you are in the heat of battle, get in a Bible believing church (get there even when you aren’t in the heat of battle!), get with people that are like minded, and who will support what the word says.  Stay away from naysayers and believe me the devil will bring them around!  Hold fast to what God has promised.  You dig your teeth in like a pit bull whose jaws can’t be pried open!!!   Don’t let anything you see or hear effect what you are believing!  You WILL receive your miracle, that is the business God is in!  When the devil sees you are willing to stand with God forever, it won’t be long!!

You are blessed, my precious reader!  I will see you soon!

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