Today when I awoke the Lord immediately came to my mind with a praise song.  One after the other began to roll over in my mind.  I felt the joy of the Lord descend on me and praise was easy!  As I praised I began to hear the Lord tell me to plead the blood of Jesus over my family today.  Today I was to go with my mother who they suspected was in heart failure to see her cardiologist.  I had and have perfect peace over this.

When we went, we had to wait forever it seemed on the results.  The report was she had to go into the hospital right then and be cardioverted or as most of us know it as  “shocked” back into a normal sinus rhythm.   Her heart had been in atrial fiberlation for so long that it has begun to weaken it and it had caused it to enlarge.  She has been cardioverted before and all went well.  Today,  in my mind,  would be no different.  The Lord just kept speaking to me, “No matter what you see or hear, stay with your confession all is well and remember you walk by faith not by sight.”  I had no idea just how much that instruction would have to be put to use today.  A dear friend of my mother’s and a member of her prayer group came.  She had no idea God had spoken this to me and as she was there she began to tell of a speaker who had spoken on the Shunammite woman in the Bible.  Her son lay dead in her house.  She saw the prophet, Elijah, afar off.  He yelled to her, “How goes it?”   All she would say was, “All is well!”  She had laid the young man on the prophet’s bed and when he got to the house, he raised the boy back to life through faith in God.

Today as they took my mother back, I called out to her I loved her.  Then, I began to feel an anxiousness.  I thought that was so odd, since all day I had felt such peace.  I had sung in my head all day long about the blood of Jesus.  One song after the other came up in my mind and rolled over and over.  I sang them silently (y’all know how horrible I sing!).  They brought a comfort from something I didn’t know was going to happen.  In fact two events happened that God was preparing me for!

There was a stirring in the hallway.  I have been granted almost full access to this area of the hospital because my father was Director of Cardiology for many years.  I got up out of the recovery area and I could see grave concern on my father’s face and the doctor was talking to him and several nurses.  As I walked up, it was explained to me the first time she only converted to normal sinus rhythm for seconds and went right back into atrial fiberlation.  The doctor was worried and told me so.   He would try again in a few minutes.  I called my husband to pray.  I began to feel the anxiety mounting.  In the middle of all of this, I get a phone call from my daughter.  She was crying.  She had been one car away from a serious accident that happened right in front of her and missed her by feet!  I knew then why those songs about the blood, God directing me to plead the blood of Jesus over my family and myself was to keep us all safe from the snares of the enemy!  I would love to say I was cool, calm and collected, but I cannot and tell the truth.  All I could do was pray, agree with what I knew the word says, and thank God over and over for that precious blood the devil cannot cross and do permanent damage us!

I remember a quote by Joyce Meyer that says something like this, “God didn’t say sweat not, tremble not, He said fear not!”  Fear did try to grip me and I had to fight it.  What was even harder is people come to you with good intentions, but they begin to try to tell you how to handle things.  You are your own person.   Some people need silence to think about God and His word.  Others need to talk it out.  Others need to be surrounded by people.  I am the first group.  I need silence to think through it, listen to God’s voice who can comfort me like no other.  I don’t need Job’s accusers or people who want to tell me how I should react!  If that is right for you that is fine, but I am not you and you are not me!   We need to let people be people and let them be who God made them to be.  It isn’t fair to require otherwise.  Sometimes the best thing you can do is put your arm around someone and say, “I understand!  Just know I am praying!”  That is plenty and it gets the point across.

God also reminded me of something I had read some time ago and something He had been speaking to me about recently.  He said, “If you can worry continually, you can pray continually.  It is a matter of what you focus on!”  Prayer gets you much better results than worry!  Thank God for prayer and that the prayers of a righteous man or woman availeth much and are powerful in the making!

I praise God He brought my mother’s heart into normal sinus rhythm! I ask you, my dear readers, to please pray for her that it stays that way!  I praise God my daughter is safe!  I praise God for the blood of Jesus!!  I praise God for the Holy Spirit that tells us how we need to pray!!

Thank you for stopping by, dear reader!  I will see you soon!


16 thoughts on “Thank God for the Blood of Jesus!

  1. Thank you for sharing and I will keep your mom in my prayers….it is always uplifting to see God work in other peoples life. I will have to remember: ““If you can worry continually, you can pray continually. It is a matter of what you focus on!” Blessings to you, your daughter and your mother! Patty

    1. Thank you so much, Patty! I appreciate your prayers so much. Mother is much better today, but she can NEVER go into atrial fiberlation again! Please agree with me that is the end of it in the name of Jesus!! I appreciate you so much…you always encourage and lift me up!! Thank you again! 🙂

      1. Patty…I just saw your last comment…AMEN, I am in full agreement in the name of Jesus! I also want to tell you, I love you sweet sister!! You have been an inspiration to me, an exhorter when I needed one!! You are so precious and I mean that! You don’t know how your sweet words have literally INFUSED me with strength during this time! Thank you so much! It is truly a priviledge and a blessing to have found you here!!!

  2. about your post here..what comes to my mind is “without faith it is impossible to please God…” by you realizing this and mustering up some faith, you pleased our Father! You had two stressful things going on, and every reason to worry..but when worry set in, you claimed God’s promises and everything worked out just fine. Because of your faith, you and those in question came through more than okay!

      1. I see that you read it…so was it too mean? I was just editing as you were reading.might want to go back and read the last small paragraph I just added.

      2. I thought it was perfect! So true and so necessary in our “rock candy” world that is accepting things in the church that should NEVER have even been thought about! I will read the last paragraph just in case I missed it…NO, it was written as truth in love! Keep it as is I think!!

      3. That’s how I feel…and then, this is funny (but the verses are speaking of a different kind of anger; righteous anger is okay) but I just entered in those verses about anger on my comment area! LOL How fitting, huh? We know what it means, and the difference, but it’s still just plain funny that I put those there. Someone reads a post about godly anger, and then they see those two verses..

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