And because of their unbelief, he couldn’t do any miracles among them except to place his hands on a few sick people and heal them.  Mark 6:5

Have you ever seen someone trying to convince someone else to get to an altar to have prayer?  They know they have received an unfavorable report from the doctor or they know they are in a lifestyle the Bible specifically prohibits, etc yet they refuse to go.  It isn’t because it is private.  It isn’t because they don’t want anyone to know.  These are KNOWN things they have told publicly.  It is, “I want you to accept me AND my sin and if you don’t you aren’t acting like a Christian!”  We love the sinner, but NEVER are we to embrace their sin and make it okay!  When it comes to healing, it isn’t that you haven’t given them God’s word on healing.  They don’t believe God will go that far for them!  Why, I will never understand.  When God said, “Whosoever will” that is EXACTLY what He meant!  If you want to be free, healed, and walking in liberty from strongholds, whatever form they come in, you can have it if you believe what God says!

When I was pregnant with my daughter (the one who just graduated with honors and wants to be a doctor) I got a very bad report from the doctor.  He sent me to  very advanced specialists for further testing.  I called to set up the appointment for an amniocentesis and to schedule an appointment with a genetic counsellor to try to trace what had gone wrong and why.  During this time the devil bombarded my mind with all kinds of troublesome scenarios!  I was petrified!  I found out on a Monday.   At my church they had “Ladies Prayer” on Tuesday nights.  I immediately called my pastor and told him I wanted him there to pray because I wanted total healing for my baby!  I was so ignorant of the word of God back then.  I didn’t understand why some got their healing and others did not.  I wanted to be certain my baby was in the category of HEALED!  He did come, we prayed, but still I did not have peace about my baby.  I began to dig into everything I could get my hands on about healing and, to be honest,  there was very little I could find back then!  I would love to say my mind was at peace, but to tell the truth, it was tormented with “what ifs”!!  Finally, one day I could not take the torment any longer!  I picked up the phone and I called my mother in tears.  I told her all the feelings I was having and how I felt I had no place to turn.  I didn’t know what to do at this point!  My mother had just learned about Isaiah 53 and the blessing of the covenant a born again believer is in with God when they accept Jesus and certain healing is one of them.   She began to PROVE this to me by the word of God.  Joy exploded within me!  It was not hopeless at all!  My baby could be helped!!  Not only could it be, but would be!!!  Oh, hallelujah!!!

I latched on to this new truth (it wasn’t new, it was just new to me) and I held on for dear life to it!   The day before I was to have the testing, we went to Lakewood Church and Dodie Osteen prayed for me and my baby.  Yes, this is Joel Osteen‘s mother.  She looked at me and said, “When you get the report that this baby is totally healed, come back so we can put you and this baby on television with the testimony of this healing!”  I was amazed with her CONFIDENCE!  She had NO doubt my baby was as normal as any baby could possibly be!!  I had never seen anyone pray like this!  It was truly amazing! John Osteen was alive then and came with a huge smile on his face to introduce himself to me.  He looked like I had come for a celebration and he was so nice!  They both were very kind….their love for me and my family struck me immediately!   My point here is, no one had to drag me down there!  I wanted to RUN to that altar!  I knew my answer was in faith, God and prayer and nobody had a chance to come pull me down there!!  I stepped out the minute the healing part of this service started!   They weren’t waiting on me!!

The next day we walked into Baylor Medical Center for me to see my neonatologist and genetic counsellor.  The first thing they did was take me to a room to watch a video on how down syndrome babies develop.  Then they took me to another room to ask me about one hundred questions.  Had there been any history of birth defects in my family?  Had I taken any medicine before I realized I was pregnant?  And the questions went on and on for what seemed like hours.  It actually was only about 45 minutes.  She then told me what I would experience during the procedure….the level of discomfort I could expect to feel.  I kept holding on in faith!  Now, I have to admit I grabbed my husband and wept uncontrollably  into his chest, but I STAYED in faith knowing God cannot lie and had not lied to me!! Numbers 23:19 NIV states, “God is not human, that he should lie, not a human being, that he should change his mind. Does he speak and then not act?   Does he promise and not fulfill?  This was my mantra!  I would not let it “depart” from my mind!

To make a long story short, I received a phone call two weeks later from my genetic counsellor.  It takes that long to get the results.  They had tested for spina bifida, down syndrome, and hydrocephalus.  All were negative and it was a girl!  It pays to trust God,  my friend!  It pays to take Him at His word, but you have to get YOUR mind out of it!  Your mind will tell you it is impossible when the word says ALL things are possible if you can believe!

Don’t let reasoning replace the truth of the Bible.  God is the final say no matter what we feel, no matter what any nay sayer may say otherwise, no matter WHAT!!  Are you having to be drug to an altar, or are you going voluntarily believing God is true to what He says?  Hold to your faith and God’s word!  Rejoice NOW, not WHEN you see it with physical eyes!  Have Abraham faith, which believes before it sees, not Thomas faith that says, “I won’t believe until I can see and touch His nail scarred hands and put my hand in His side!”  God loves you and He WANTS to perform His word in your life!!

Have a blessed day, my precious reader.  I will see you next time!


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