This song is “Faithful Is Our God” sung by Hezekiah Walker.  God has rolled this song over and over in my spirit since last night.  This song is so pinpoint accurate in so many ways.  Let’s break it down line by line and watch how it lines up with exactly what God has promised to do for us.

The first part is “Faithful, faithful, faithful is our God!”  We have to ask ourselves this, do we really believe God is faithful and will fulfill what He has told us He will do for us?  Do we truly believe He will deliver us from trouble, heal our bodies, save our souls, and give us grace and mercy when we err?  It says in Mark 9:23  “Everything is possible for him who believes.”  Everything means everything!  God didn’t leave anything out!  If you truly believe and stand on His word, you will have whatever you are believing for when it agrees with the word!   God always stands by His word and he always keeps His promises, therefore we can truly trust and believe Him!

The next part of this song is, “I’m reaping the harvest God promised me, take back what the devil stole from me…”  The Bible says we will reap what we sow.  Don’t like what you have sown?  You have the power to uproot what you don’t want to harvest and  plant what you do want to harvest!  It says in Matthew 15:13  “Every plant that my heavenly Father has not planted will be pulled up by the roots.”  God only plants good in us.  Ask God to search your heart and uproot everything He has not planted in you!  We had a redbud tree years ago.  It was gorgeous!  It was so beautiful that people would stop in the street during their walk or bike rides to admire it.  I noticed I began to have terrible allergy symptoms about the same time every year.  It was so frequent and in the same month year after year I decided to investigate it more closely to see if I could figure out what it was that was making me sick.  It all pointed to the redbud tree just before it bloomed!  I told my husband and he cut it down.    The next year it came back and thriving more than ever!  The symptoms started all over again!  The problem was he didn’t uproot it!  We had to uproot the tree in order for me to not have allergy symptoms caused by it!  Uproot the problem and the problem will be gone!  This is such a simple concept, but so important!  Plead the blood of Jesus over things you may have planted that will cause nothing but problems, repent of them, and allow God to uproot them and His grace to be multiplied to you! Use the authority God has given you through the name of Jesus and tell the devil to flee!  See him running and taking his junk with him and you enjoying peace and wholeness in your life!    You will be much happier with the results of your “harvest”!  You can then rest in peace and trust!

The next part of this song says, “I shall RECOVER IT ALL!”  In  Proverbs 6:31 it says when a thief is caught, he has to repay SEVEN TIMES all that he has stolen!  If something is stolen from you and you recover it plus restitution(that is the seven times more)  you are more than just a little excited!  You would probably say this is cause to celebrate!  How does a Christian celebrate what God does for them?  Through praise and thanksgiving!!  We rejoice!!

Live in the fullness of the blessing God has provided for you, my dear reader!  God is faithful to all that He has promised you and you WILL see it come to pass in your life as you pray and believe the word and rejoice in advance at the outcome!

Have  wonderful and blessed day!  I will see you next time!!


God bless you! I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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