How many times have I had this title lately?  I forget!  If hubby would have agreed to it I would still be at the lake with my church family.  I argued when he said it was time to pack up and go.  Then he said those words he knew I couldn’t resist!  He said, “You can’t blog here, baby!”  Ohhhh, that did it!  I started packing as fast as my non-hurting foot could carry me!!  “Get in the car, get in the car!!  I forgot about that!”, I say as I stop stalling and  rush him.  Then we get in the “have Bible, will travel” truck and I begin to think!  Ut oh, right?  “You know”, I begin,” if I had that little device thingy, I could just attach it to my phone and have internet access all the time!  I could stay at the lake another week!”  He doesn’t like that idea!  I like it when he says, “But I want you with me.”  He is such a charmer!!  I melt and eat out of his hand at moments like these!

While we were there this morning  hubby was looking out the window and said, “What is the Game Warden doing here?”  That is like saying, “Why have the police showed up to arrest and interrogate us?”  Now I have NEVER been arrested!  I have NEVER been in trouble!!   So, why my heart begins to pound and fear slices through me is still beyond my comprehension when I hear “game warden”!  “What do you mean HERE???”  I ask.  I rush to the window and look out.  They are putting bright pink tape around the boat ramp and people are beginning to gather.  I think, “Oh no, what if a fisherman is missing, or a swimmer?”  I really start to become nervous then!  We walk out and find out an owl is stuck in a tree and they are waiting for a falconer to come and help it.  Its wing is caught in some fishing line high in a tree!  If it doesn’t fly away by tonight they will tranquilize it and take it for rehabilitation.  Some of our men were going to help it, but we find out it is a federal offense to mess with an owl, even to save its life!  I was amazed at what a game warden’s job entailed!

I began to think about the owl as I looked at it helpless, trapped, and entangled.  I began to think how much that owl is like us at times.  We get in to places in life and in some ways get “entangled” and “trapped”.  We need help!  Why is it so hard to let someone know that?  But God sends His angels in the form of friends, church family, family,  and confidantes. God needs people He can work through to bring help and hope to those who feel things are hopeless!  With God, NOTHING is ever hopeless, my dear reader!!   He also sends Heavenly angels to surround us, keeping us from harm and dangers.  His word says He keeps our very foot from being taken!  I thought about the scripture where He says His eye is on the sparrow and how He takes care of it,  just as the owl was being taken care of!  Aren’t we much more than an owl to Him?  Actual laws have been made to protect animals.  If God has to He, and He has before,  will  even make the laws of the land change by the hand of dignitaries to protect you and me!  That is how much He loves us!!!

When we left the owl was still there.  They told us to  keep very quiet and not to approach the tree it was in because it would traumatize it even more.  I think that is another reason hubby got me out of there so fast.  My voice tends to carry…:)

Nevertheless, I am glad to be home and once again be with my blogging family!  Have a good day, my precious reader!  I pray you are mightily blessed this day and always!!


God bless you! I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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