I have only heard one person in my life that said they loved change.  Maybe my world is small, but change isn’t easy. You, many times, look back and say, “Those were the good old days” just to realize years down the road you were in the “good old days” when you said it!  Sometimes when you look back at those times you thought weren’t so great, they were wonderful because maybe you had a loved one then that you don’t have on earth today.  Maybe you were a teen longing for childhood and its simplicity again.  No matter what the situation is in life,  life is always changing.  Whether we realize it or not it may not be like it was, but God will lead you into higher and greater things and joy will be there again.  Sometimes it is the journey from one place to another that is so difficult, but we mistake it for life itself!  I think those are the days that cause us to look back and long for old friendships, jobs, and familiarity.   There is an old “Andy Griffith Show” episode where Andy and Barney decide to have a class reunion.  As they looked through the yearbook, Andy sees an “old flame”.  He reminisces about all the good times they had and how in love they felt their senior year.  He can’t remember why on earth they didn’t get together and is excited to see her again and he wonders if a second time around it will work.  She comes to the reunion, seemingly having thought the same thing, but when they begin to talk she is drawn to certain goals in life and he is drawn to his roots.  He remembers why they didn’t work out before and no match is made again.  I think many of us have had these types of experiences whether it is with an old friendship (unless the other friend moved there was a reason you had to move on), with a former job, or even former goals.  Something happened to change your course for God to move you into what was  better for you!

The Israelites are a prime example of this!  God had promised to deliver them out of Egypt and to take them to a land flowing with milk and honey.  Sure enough, Caleb and Joshua stuck with God’s promises, but the others did not.  They even said to Moses, “Why did you bring us out of Egypt just to experience this.  We would be better off going back in Egypt as slaves than just wandering around the desert!”  You and I both know what a false statement and opinion that is because we have “read the Book”.  What happened here?  They complained because of the journey, instead of seeing with eyes of faith  the magnificence of where God was taking them to , and they LOOKED BACK!  NEVER look back!!!  The Bible says that a man who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is not fit for the kingdom of God!  Those are strong words and they should be strong enough to get our attention about dwelling on the past!  We tend to forget the hardships and only see the “good times”, but I promise you even then there were difficulties.  Going back is not an option and God made time like that for a reason!

I remember in my science courses I took in high school and college we learned about bodies of water and what they do to the land around them.  A body of water that never flows will always stagnate!  It will not be fit for anything!  In fact, it will grow harmful bacteria and will make you sick if you drink it or come in contact with it and ingest it.  Change isn’t easy, but it is necessary.

You don’t have to fight to let go, as the picture in this post says, if you will trust God with the future.  You will be able to do things you never thought possible.  You may think you can never leave the place you grew up in, but if God’s will is promotion in another location, see yourself happy there with eyes of faith.   No matter what the change God brings see yourself progressing and changing knowing God is with you and leading and orchestrating the steps of your life.  When you do, change will be something you no longer fight against, but embrace because you know the final outcome will be good, perfect, and excellent for you!   See your tomorrows with “now faith” eyes!  Faith sees what is coming until it arrives!

Have a wonderful and blessed day, my precious reader!  I am so glad you stopped by!  See you next time!!


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