Brass in the Bible is a symbol for sin.  Gold is symbolic of the finest things of God.  For example, the streets of Heaven are paved with gold!  When we exchange God’s best, which gold symbolizes,  for our own way, which is symbolized by brass as sin, it changes the outcome of many factors of our lives.  It is kind of like driving a junkyard car instead of a BMW.  When we settle for mediocrity, the world’s opinions and methods,  over God’s word and His explicit directions on how we are to live our lives, we have shunned the gold and embraced brass, which is far from gold’s worth! In 1 Kings 14: 25-27 it states:

25 In the fifth year of King Rehoboam, Shishak king of Egypt [Jeroboam’s brother-in-law] came up against Jerusalem.

26 He took away the treasures of the house of the Lord and of the king’s house; he took away all, including all the shields of gold which Solomon had made.

27 King Rehoboam made in their stead bronze shields and committed them to the hands of the captains of the guard who kept the door of the king’s house.

If you will research this whole chapter you will find the kings of this time period were sinful and unwise!  Due to that, a door was opened to the enemy to come in and destroy the kingdoms they reigned over and they lost their ruling power.  Other countries came in and robbed them of their gold that had been placed in the temple by their GODLY forefathers and made them poor and stricken with poverty.  They replaced the gold of the shields that protected the king and the country  he reigned over with brass as a symbol of their decline from holiness to a life of idolatry and sin!

I love the Matthew Henry Commentary on this, and I quote:

“Sin exposes, makes poor, and weakens any people. Shishak, king of Egypt, came and took away the treasures. Sin makes the gold become dim, changes the most fine gold, and turns it into brass.”

God has only good planned for us, dear reader, but we have a choice.  Will we accept the “golden” things of God or will we accept mediocrity, settle for second best, live according to our own standard, make up our mind, right or wrong, whatever we decide is the way it will be no matter what the Bible says or where the Holy Spirit leads?  In so doing we have exchanged precious gold for impure and decaying brass!  Oh, what regret when we one day look back and see what we not only could have had, but WOULD have had!

Today, let us choose God’s gold and not the world’s brass!  God paid a precious price for us to have His best!  He gave His best and that is Jesus!  I am going “for the gold” as they say in the Olympics!  I believe you will, too!

Thank you for reading my blog!  I hope you were blessed by it!  I appreciate you, dear reader!!!  See you soon!


God bless you! I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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