Well, we are home, again!  We had a wonderful time but I have to say I missed my blogging friends and my blogging community!  I did get to interview the tourism director in Jefferson and there is more coming on that later!

I tripped in front of God and everybody in Jefferson on a buckled sidewalk and my foot I broke 3 years ago is swollen and hurts when I walk on it!    I don’t think it is broken,  just rebelling  because I tried to eat all of Jefferson while I was there!!  I made my hubby pray for me in front of the whole world AND Jefferson, too so I know it is just probably sore and not happy I tried to EAT all of Jefferson and, in so doing,  put the weight of the world on it when I tripped!  That being said, I am happy to be home and am even happier being  waited on hand and (sore) foot by hubby!!   Oh, yeah I am working this one for sure!!!!   See you soon,  dear reader!  It is good to “see” you again!   🙂


God bless you! I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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