Today there has been all kinds of upset about the “Obama” Healthcare Bill being upheld.  Stories high and low of all the bad things that are in it and what horrible things that could happen to us now that it is in place.  Well, I have news for you!  GOD HAS US!!!  I have not read one place in the Bible where God did not deliver  His people who trusted Him!!

Every single time God’s people got into a predicament, God delivered them!  Jehoshaphat had NATIONS coming against him.  They were on every side with thousands of people ready to slaughter him and all the people of his country!  He prayed a simple prayer…”God, I know not what to do, but our trust is in You!”  They never lifted a finger in battle!  They prayed, God told them what to do, they did it, and not one of them suffered as much as a scratch!!  God confused the enemy, they turned on themselves and killed each other!

When you have God you are NEVER without hope!!  So rest in faith, precious reader!!  In Psalm 91 it says though a thousand may fall at your right hand and ten thousand at your left IT WILL NOT COME NIGH YOU!!!  Glory to God, if that doesn’t get you happy something is wrong!

God has never been defeated and He isn’t defeated now!!  Take heart and hold your peace!  ALL IS WELL!!  How do I know?  The Bible says so and that is the end of this story!!!

God bless you, precious reader!!!!  I will see you soon!


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