“And then suddenly they saw Jesus coming to meet them. “Peace be to you,” He said. And they came and clasped His feet, bowing to the ground before Him”.  Matthew 28:29

Have you ever been in need of a “suddenly”?  You needed something only Jesus could give you?  A miraculous healing?  A child to come back to God?  A job that seemed unattainable?  A home?  Resources to pay bills and you have no idea where they are coming from?  I have been in need of a “suddenly” more than once.  I have received them more than once, too!  When they came, I literally fell to my knees and thanked God profusely for what only He could do for me!

Tonight, my husband and I went out to eat and when we got back I looked on my Facebook to see if there was any news of how a church member that was in the hospital was doing.  As I perused each posting, I came to one that said her nephew was graduating from medical school and it was the end of residency for him.  Suddenly, a not so good suddenly hit me…it was jealousy!!  I know this young man’s history.  He did not go to a university where students are normally accepted into medical school.  He had more odds against him and I am not at liberty to share (things he brought on himself) and yet he still became a doctor!  Suddenly, I think, “What am I doing??”   God spoke to me and said, “You are being jealous!”  It was true!  I was!  As I looked at that post God spoke to me and said, “You go to that posting, “like it” and tell them congratulations.  When you promote the good of others I will promote what is good for you.”

Let me tell you why I was jealous.  My daughter has worked very hard just to get into medical school. It has been a lifelong dream.  She went to the university that God spoke to us and to her that she was to go to.  Eight out of ten students get accepted into medical school after going here.  She graduated with the most difficult degree this university offers and she WORKED for it!!  She studied and studied like she had never studied in her life!  She “shadowed” doctors standing shoulder to shoulder with them during twelve hour shifts for days at a time, volunteered in the community for the less fortunate, worked for minimum wage, volunteered at church and did it all with a beautiful attitude and a tremendous work ethic.  She didn’t do these things to impress people so that she could get into medical school.  She did it because this is the type of person she is….warm, compassionate, caring, would give you the world if you needed it and she had it to give!  No interviews came.  There was a year to wait.  She reapplies.  No interviews have come…YET!  She has prayed, believed God, listened to God, and all the while kept her head up!  Finally, we discussed it and she began to apply out of state, which comes with a hefty application fee (applying in state comes with a fee, too).  I swear they charge you to THINK about medical school!!  Still no interviews….YET!

As I pressed “like” and posted a truly heartfelt congratulations (don’t other people’s children deserve things just like mine do?) I began to see my daughter in what I call my “mind’s eye”.  I saw her open her computer.  They always email you the interview opportunity.  I saw her open her email.  Then, I saw her “suddenly”!!  After all the other times the email held nothing, SUDDENLY there it was!  The interview of the very place God had prepared her to go, WHEN He prepared for her to go there!  This is not something I can MAKE happen, nor can she.  She has done everything possible that she can do.  This is a very good place to be I have learned.  It is a place where only God can do it!  If we could do it, then where would God’s glory be?

Thank God, I have finally taken my hands off of it and entrusted it totally to my daughter and God.  This is when I must allow her to learn to listen and hear and believe for herself,  instead of me carrying it on my faith and TRYING to hear FOR her and, more than anything, trying to force something God doesn’t want forced!  It has made me keep my attitude and heart straight!  It has taught me, that with all the love I have for my daughter, I am to love others to that degree and want what is best for them, not just “my four and no more”.

Thank God He shows us where our lives need to be better and He ever so gently teaches us!  Thank God that all the suddenly(s) we will ever need WILL take place because God truly supplies all of our needs and He desires to give us the desires of our hearts.

Expect YOUR suddenly, dear reader!  God is no respecter of persons!  Have a good night!


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